Wei Yunzhao waited at the gate of the palace until the courtiers left the palace before entering the palace.

    All the ministers who were out of the palace saw him, they knew what happened to Wei An, and they also knew that old madam Wei begged for help for her son everywhere, and even went to the palace yesterday. Seeing Wei Yunzhao at the gate of the palace again today, they were also curious about his purpose of entering the palace.

    Some people who used to be acquainted with the Wei family stood at the door and exchanged simple greetings with Wei Yunzhao, and then learned that Wei Yunzhao had entered the palace to beg the emperor for mercy.

    After all, Wei An had taken up the status of an elder, so it was not good to persuade Wei Yunzhao not to do useless thing, so he could only shake his head and excused to leave.
As for helping to speak and plead, no one had such an idea, after all, everyone was well aware of the situation of the Wei family now, it was best to stay away if you could.

    Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao all the way to the Xuanzheng Hall, and after the eunuch reported, the two were announced to come in.


    After saluting, Emperor Changde first asked about Wei Yunzhao's legs, and then asked about Wei Yunzhao's purpose.

    Wei Yunzhao knelt down again, “Chen is here to resign.”


[臣chén: state official or subject in dynastic China; I, your servant (used in addressing the sovereign)]

    Wei Yunzhao said, ” Chen’s leg haven’t improved and don't know when he would be able to take office.
Shenzhi Zhengshi is an important position in the court, and it could’t wait for chen all the time.
Chen ashamed of himself, and ask the emperor to agree.”


[Shenzhi Zhengshi is an official position in Chinese history.
It was first set up in the Tang Dynasty .
It’s not an official position, but an official other than the governor of the three provinces .

    Emperor Changde stared at Wei Yunzhao's legs for a while, as if regretting, “Wei Qing really can't stand up with this legs?”

    Wei Yunzhao replied sadly “Chen don't know, but chen really don't feel it now.”

    “That's fine,” said Emperor Changde, “Since Wei Qing is so considerate of the court, I will allow it.
But I can't let you be a commoner, Wei Qing, you choose an official by yourself, your leg is injured for the country, and you have worked hard, as long as you mention it, I will agree to you.”

    Wei Yunzhao and Emperor Changde had some courtesy, and then reported Tuntian Yangzhong department of the Ministry of Industry.


[The Department of Tuntian is in charge of land reclamation in the world; Yang Zhong, a doctor of the Ministry of War.]

    Among the six ministries, the Ministry of Industry had always been inconspicuous, not to mention that he was only a fifth-rank.
Emperor Changde responded to everything, and even wrote an imperial edict to Wei Yunzhao.

    From the beginning to the end, no one mentioned Wei An.

    After leaving the Xuanzheng Hall, Wei Yunzhao didn’t leave in a hurry, but bribed the little eunuch who was guarding outside the door, and asked him to help pass a message, “Please tell the empress, Wei Yunzhao is no longer a political advisor, please don't forget what she promised to my grandmother yesterday, thank you very much.”


    After saying that, she asked Jiang Lin to push him away.

    The little eunuch watched them left, turned around and entered the Xuanzheng Hall, and told Emperor Changde every word of what Wei Yunzhao asked him to do.     


Emperor Changde laughed twice after hearing this, “This person bribed you at the gate of the Xuanzheng Palace to let you send a message for him, Gan Yongfu, what do you think Wei Yunzhao is up to?”

“It looks like he has done something stupid, and looks like he is eager to save his uncle,” but it was obvious that the two had nothing to do with Wei Yunzhao, which made people felt weird


    “If he is really stupid, he won’t be alive until now.
I hope he is a fool.”

    Gan Yongfu: “Now he is just a useless person, unable to accomplish anything, why should the emperor worry about a useless person?”

    Emperor Changde nodded, “You will make me happy, well, since it’s the empress’ promise, then pass the words over, the empress’ hand is too long, she should be taught a lesson.”

    Gan Yongfu respectfully replied, “Yes, I will arrange it.”


    The word was passed to Changning Hall, and Jiang Lin and Wei Yun Zhao had already left the palace and got into the carriage.

    As soon as he got into the carriage, Jiang Lin stared at Wei Yunzhao, his eyes were burning, even Wei Yunzhao's usual cold face couldn't bear it.

    Just as he was about to speak, Jiang Lin stretched out his hand and touched his chest twice, “Wei Yunzhao, I think I underestimate you, your heart must be pure black.”

    “Believe it or not, as soon as these words reaches the empress’ ears, she will immediately greet your eighteen generations ancestors.
Wei Yunzhao, you offend people more than I do,” Jiang Lin said, feeling a little ashamed


    The empress was a person in the harem, and she traded official positions with courtiers.
No matter how magnanimous Emperor Changde was, he couldn't bear the empress’ hand stretching so long, let alone he was not a magnanimous person at all.

    But the empress, a vicious woman who could even produce blood bone worms, it would be the best to piss her off.

    Wei Yunzhao said: “The empress has a noble status, a courtier won’t dare to refuse the deal she propose.”

    This was also to label the empress as a bully.

    Jiang Lin sincerely gave Wei Yunzhao thumbs up.

    He asked again, “Wei Yunzhao, why did you choose Tuntian Yangzhong department?”

    Wei Yunzhao only replied to Jiang Lin with a short sentence, “My people are coming back,” and refused to reveal any more.

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