The carriage didn’t return directly to the Wei Mansion, but went to the gate of the government office.
It was already noon, and there was no news from the empress. Wei An was detained and screamed loudly, old madam Wei was blocked in the crowd, crying and screaming, but the surroundings were full of people who watched the excitement and said they deserved it.

    Finally, when the 60th board was hit, someone came from the palace, and the empress decreed that Wei'an's remaining board would be exempted for the sake of the merits of the Wei family's ancestors in Dayue.

    But at this time, Wei An's mother and son, one fainted from the pain and the other fainted from crying, and no one heard of the life-saving grace in exchange for the second-rank official position.

    After the crowd dispersed, Wei Yunzhao asked Xun Qi to put old madam Wei and Wei An into the carriage and took them back to the mansion.

    Jiang Lin looked at the miserable appearance of the two of them, and smiled mockingly, “Look, it's so stupid, even picking up the corpse has to depend on you in the end.”


Wei Yunzhao added: “Please rely on the doctor.”

Jiang Lin wanted to praise him for being self-aware.

    Fortunately, there were servants running errands for asking the doctor, so there was no need for Mr.
Wei to go in person.

    The two of them learned the result of the doctor's diagnosis for Wei An when they had lunch in their own yard.
Because the hit was too strong, the doctor said after the diagnosis that not only the original broken leg couldn’t be saved, but the other leg was also useless.

    In short, Wei An was still alive, but his lower three legs were useless, and he was completely useless.

    They only found out about old madam Wei's situation at night.
Wei Yunjia came to report, “Elder brother, brother, grandmother is paralyzed.”

    Wei Yunzhao and Jiang Lin frowned at the same time.
The strong body that could run around to save her son, no matter what, she wouldn’t be directly paralyzed when she fainted.

    Too sudden and suspicious.

    “Go and have a look,” Wei Yunzhao said, and a group of people went to the old madam Wei’s yard.

    When they arrived, old madam Wei and the other daughter-in-laws were all there, standing in the room with no sad expression on their faces.
Obviously, old madam Wei's troubles for Wei An had wiped out these daughter-in-laws little affection for her in their heart.


    Only Ye momo by the bed seemed to cry sincerely, calling the old lady all the time.

    Old Madam Wei lay on the bed with her eyes wide open, she wanted to speak but couldn't make a sound, and she couldn't move the rest of her body at all, completely paralyzed.

    “What did the doctor say?” Wei Yunzhao asked.

    Ye momo wiped away her tears, and said in a crying voice: “The doctor said that the old lady was out of breath and overwhelmed by grief.
The old lady was tired from running around every day, and she was stimulated and fainted several times..”

    Wei Yunzhao keenly grasped the word “stimulated”, “So as soon as grandmother woke up, Ye momo, you told her that her son had become a useless person, right?”


Old madam Wei obviously could hear them talking, and tried her best to open her mouth and blink her eyes, seemed to imply something, and anyone could still see the hatred and unwillingness in her eyes.

    Ye momo also noticed old madam Wei's reaction, she threw herself on the bedside and cried loudly, “It's my fault, it's all my fault, it's me who harmed the old lady.
I didn't expect the old lady's reaction to be so big, the old lady asked me about the fifth master when she woke up, and I didn't want to hide it from the old lady, old lady, I’m sorry for you.”

    After crying for a while, Ye Momo hurriedly assured Wei Yunzhao, “Don't worry, Eldest Young Master, I will definitely take good care of the old lady.
The doctor said that as long as the old lady is well-raised, she may be able to recover.
I will always remember how well the old lady treats me.
I will do my best to serve the old lady.”

    Wei Yunzhao took a deep look at Ye momo, and said after a while, “In that case, grandmother will trouble Ye momo to take care of her.”

    After speaking, he turned his face and said to his mother and several aunts, “It's getting late, mother and several aunts go back to the room to rest, I will look after grandmother here, don't worry.”

    Several aunts walked quickly, only madam Wei looked at Wei Yunzhao, she wanted to speak but stopped.
She hesitated for a while and didn’t say anything, then led the servants away in a low mood.

    Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao, and he and Wei Yunjia also left the room.
After a few steps, Wei Yunzhao sternly said, “Xun Qi, keep an eye on her!”

    “Her” was naturally referring to Ye momo.

    “Elder brother suspects that grandmother’s sudden paralysis has something to do with Ye momo?” The little girl didn't know much, but Jiang Lin and Wei Yunzhao knew that there was something wrong about Ye Cuixiang before.

    “I'm not sure yet, let's keep an eye on her, you go back to sleep.
If I find out, I'll let someone tell you.”

    Wei Yunjia nodded obediently, and went back to her yard.

    Wei Yunzhao and Jiang Lin were not in a hurry to go back to Zhaoyunyuan, they admired the moon in the courtyard.

    The moon was big and round, “like a pancake,” Jiang Lin commented.

    “Hungry?” Wei Yunzhao saw the essence through the phenomenon.

    Jiang Lin muttered, “No, I'm just a little greedy.”

    “Now that your fifth uncle is disabled and your grandmother is paralyzed, isn't it good for me to celebrate with delicious food?”


    Wei Yunzhao chuckled, “Eat whatever you want, “

Wei An's fate was calculated by him.
Although old madam Wei's paralysis was not expected, Wei Yunzhao knew it clearly and he was not sad.

    There was no need to cover up.

    “Since you've said that, then I must make you satisfied,” Jiang Lin thought without interest as enjoying the moon was worse than eating.

    After quickly pushing Wei Yunzhao back to Zhaoyunyuan, Jiang Lin went straight into the kitchen and made a lot of dishes from the space, he wanted to make a teppanyaki!

    Jiang Lin cooked well, and the dishes were also taken from the space.
When they were stir-fried, they were so fragrant that the maids who guarded the night in the courtyard all ran to the kitchen door to stare.

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