door open.
Jiang Lin hurriedly pushed Wei Yunzhao into the door.
As soon as he entered, he saw Ye Cuixiang pinching old madam Wei’s neck.     

Seeing them entering the room, Ye Cuixiang didn't seem to be flustered at all, and sneered twice, “It's just in time, I want you to watch how I avenge my daughter, poisonous woman, go to hell!”

With all her strength, old madam Wei, who couldn't struggle, started to roll her eyes.

    “Xun Qi!” Wei Yunzhao called out.

    Xun Qi hurriedly stepped forward to touch Ye Cuixiang's acupuncture points, which made old madam Wei breathe a sigh of relief.

    While she was coughing, she still didn't forget to tell Wei Yunzhao, “Yunzhao, she…she's going to kill me, you…
get rid of her…”

    Wei Yunzhao ignored her, and said to Ye Cuixiang, whose eyes could kill people: “If what you said is true, tomorrow I will have someone to send you, Wei An and the old lady to the yamen, and the yamen will uphold justice for you,” Wei Yunzhao motioned Xun Qi to release her acupoints.

    Ye Cuixiang's face was full of vigilance, “Are you serious?”

    Wei Yunzhao: “You can only trust me, I won’t let you kill people under my nose.”

Yunzhao, you can't…
An'er is your uncle…”

    Wei Yunzhao kindly reminded her, “Old lady, you forgot so quickly, the second-rank official exchanged your son's life, and from now on you have nothing to do with the Wei family, my Wei family can't tolerate a beast that kills innocent people!”


    old madam Wei wanted to refute, but she was too anxious and coughed non stop.

    Ye Cuixiang laughed out loud when she saw her appearance, “Hahahaha, retribution, it's all retribution, you and that beast will suffer retribution, and you will die badly.”

    Wei Yunzhao asked Xun Qi to call the other maids who were transferred away by Ye Cuixiang to take care of old madam Wei, and shutting Ye Cuixiang in a room alone, Wei Yunzhao said to Ye Cuixiang, “If you really want to, you can watch the murderer get punished by the law with your own eyes.”

    Ye Cuixiang was obviously stunned when the door was closed.

    “Go back,” Wei Yunzhao said.

    Jiang Lin didn't move, but ran towards Ye Cuixiang's room, “Wait a minute, I have a question to ask her.”

    Jiang Lin entered the door and saw Ye Cuixiang sitting by the bed with a sad expression, holding something in his hand, Jiang Lin only took one look and then looked away, he asked: ” Ye momo, can you tell me what you did on the wedding night? Whose idea was it for me to forcefully have sex with Wei Yunzhao?”  Since at that time, Jiang Lin felt that there was something wrong with this person.

    Ye Cuixiang turned her head and smiled at Jiang Lin, “Young Madam, if I can die after Wei An, I will tell you.”

    Jiang Lin: “…then you try to live.”

    After returning to Zhaoyunyuan, the teppanyaki was almost cold, Jiang Lin remembered Xun Qi's resentful eyes, and made a portion for Xun Qi when reheating, after all, Xun Qi had done a great job tonight.

    Moreover, he was afraid of accidents, so he had to stare at people without resting.

    While busy, Jiang Lin thought, he was really kind, he was beautiful and kind.

    After eating and drinking enough and laying down on the bed, Jiang Lin had the time to sigh with Wei Yunzhao, “Your Wei family is really a hidden dragon and a crouching tiger.
I'm sorry for Wei An and even more sorry for the old lady.
I really underestimated them.”

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