From the reaction of old lady Wei, it could be judged that Ye Cuixiang was telling the truth.
If he hadn't heard it with his own ears today, Wei Yunzhao never expected such a thing to happen in the Wei family.

    Jiang Lin turned over, faced Wei Yunzhao, and said in a serious tone: “Wei Yunzhao, I don't want Wei An to live anymore, There may be more than one Xiaolan, but we don't know it yet.
He has met so many girls, and I don't believe that all of them are willing.
He doesn't deserve to live anymore.”

In the darkness Wei Yunzhao's voice was chilling, and he said, “The Yamen will deal with it fairly, and Wei An is just a commoner now.” A life for life.

    The night seemed extraordinarily long this night, and many people were waiting for the dawn and the sun to rise.

    Jiang Lin went to find Ye Cuixiang as soon as he got up in the morning, and then took her to the Yamen to report the case.

    Wei Yunzhao ordered people to carry Wei An to the door, and waited for the Yamen messenger to pick him up, and he followed the Yamen messenger to send Wei An to the Yamen.

    Wei An didn't know what happened yet, because his body was in severe pain, and he also knew that he was a useless person from now on, scolding everyone all the way.
Even his own mother who helped him was not spared.

    Ye Cuixiang was in the courtroom, and Ye Cuixiang told the magistrate the whole story.
Wei An obviously didn't expect that Ye the crime he committed back then would be related to Ye Cuixiang, Not to mention that things from so many years ago would be revealed, but Wei An would rather be a disabled person than a dead person.

    Wei An loudly scolded Ye Cuixiang for talking nonsense, a servant dared to wrong the master's family, firmly refused to admit that he had done such a thing, and asked the governor to bring someone to ask, the Wei family had never had a person named Xiaolan.

    Wei An believed his mother, the matter of that year must have been dealt with cleanly, and she would never leave any clues behind.

    As a result, Ye Cuixiang not only had witnesses for the incident back then, but also told the whole story about how she drugged old madam Wei to make her paralyzed, and even tried to kill her last night but was stopped by Wei Yunzhao and others.
The magistrate said to let old madam Wei confronted each other in the court.

    Wei An began to scold Wei Yunzhao and begged him to not believe a servant's nonsense because of his uncle and nephew's affection.

    old madam Wei was brought here very quickly, there was a lot of crying and cursing in the hall, and what happened back then was explained clearly.

    Ye Cuixiang was the dowry prepared by Zhou's family for Zhou Xirong, but the custom of Zhou's daughter's dowry was to drink Juesi soup first before following the daughter out. Ye Cuixiang was only a second-class maid back then, and the Wei family didn't like taking concubines and sharing houses, so Ye Cuixiang secretly developed a relationship with a servant in the mansion.


[绝jué: to cut, extinct, to disappear; 嗣 sì: posterity]

    Later, Ye Cuixiang begged Zhou Xirong, and Zhou Xirong agreed when she saw that she didn't need her favor. But she didn't expect that Ye Cuixiang, who had drank Juesi soup, was pregnant.
She couldn't believe Zhou Xirong and was afraid of her tricks, so she kept the matter a secret, but not long after her man fell ill, Ye Cuixiang took advantage of the funeral to go back to the man's house and give birth to the child.


    Later, Xiaolan came to look for her when she grew up, and she took advantage of the Wei family’s recruiting people, and brought her into the mansion.
Who would have thought that the beast Wei An would target her shortly after entering the mansion, and then she would be murdered.

    Xiaolan was not a slave, so it was not her master's turn to kill at will, Wei An and Zhou Xirong's mother and son killed her and burned the corpse, and no one could escape.

    And Wei Yunzhao only had one sentence from the beginning to the end, “Master magistrate please handle the case impartially according to the law.”

    The gavel sounded, and magistrate said sharply: “Come here, take the suspects Wei An and old madam Ye into prison first, and then convict them after the matter is thoroughly investigated.
Because old madam Wei is ill, she will be carried back first, and she will be summoned by at any time.”

    When she left the Yamen, old madam Wei was still begging Wei Yunzhao to find the magistrate.

    Wei Yunzhao just looked at her, “Old lady, everything is not as you wish, I exchanged my official position with your son's life, now what do you want me to do to find an accommodation with the magistrate?”

    old madam Wei’s words choked in her throat, as if something was completely destroyed in an instant and could never be picked up again.

    Jiang Lin pushed Wei Yunzhao away without looking at her again.

    Three days later, the case was clarified and the evidence was conclusive.
Wei An also confessed and was charged.
Wei An was sentenced to beheaded for the crime of homicide and would be executed in autumn.

    old madam Wei, Zhou Xirong covered up the murder and even helped him burn the victim’s body.
She was sentenced to five years in prison, which couldn’t be tolerated.

    Ye Cuixiang intentionally poisoned and murdered Zhou Xirong, thinking that she was eager to avenge her daughter, so she was sentenced to five years in prison, which couldn’t be tolerated.

    The Wei family had become the gossip of the entire Shengjing again, but compared to Wei An's mother and son, the court officials paid more attention to Wei Yunzhao, and the person who could send his grandmother and uncle to the Yamen for interrogation must not be very kind people, so they must be guarded against him.

    There was no Wei family’s member in the court, and no one in the back house went out to walk around.
There was very little news that could reach the Wei family.
Naturally, they didn't know what these people thought.

    However, Wei Yunzhao and Jiang Lin were also busy with their own affairs.
It was night, That night, there were two more people in the Wei family, two men, both black from head to toe, knelt in front of Wei Yunzhao on one knee and said, “General, luckily, the things have been taken back!”


At the same time , Jiang Jinyue also received a notification from the system.

    System: [Host, something that can make you famous, the seed that increases the bargaining chip for marrying into the East Palace has appeared, and the address has been sent to the host, please be sure to get the seed in hand! ]

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