Cao glanced sideways at her hopeless son, and met Jiang Lin's gaze, “What's the meaning of Mrs.

    It seemed that these people all regarded him as Mrs.

    Jiang Lin turned his head and said to the people he hired: “Cao Guojiu hasn't come out, everyone, don't stop.” Jiang Lin took out another ingot of silver.

    The effect of silver was very obvious.
The voice of urging Cao Guojiu to come out to fetch his grandson was louder than before.
Jiang Lin smiled at Mrs.
Cao, “Madam, you can hear it clearly.
If you don't, you can listen for a while.
After all, Cao Guojiu now hasn't come out yet.”

Cao didn't expect that Jiang Lin would dare to let them shout in front of her.
He didn't pay attention to her at all.
Cao suppressed the anger in her heart and asked the people around her to help Cao Juncai , she looked at Jiang Lin again and said gently: “Mrs.
Wei, if this matter is too big, it won't look good if your face is torn, why don't you follow me into the mansion, let's sit down and talk slowly?”

    Jiang Lin carried Cao Juncai as if he was carrying a pile of rocks, and he didn't even let the people arranged by Mrs.
Cao to touch the hem of his clothes.

    Jiang Lin: “I don't dare to do that.
Your son can keep saying that his aunt is the empress and his cousin is the crown prince.
If I dare to touch him, I will be punished by the nine clans

exterminations .
I don't know if I can get out after entering the door, so if you have anything to say, just say it outside, I'm afraid of death.”

Cao could hardly maintain the gentleness on her face, and she secretly scolded her son for not being stupid.
Saying such things outside would undoubtedly put people off. Not to mention that the emperor was dissatisfied with the empress and the crown prince recently.

Cao walked towards Jiang Lin by herself, “Mrs.
Wei, what are you talking about? My Cao family is full of integrity.
How can we do such a thing.
Wei is about the same age as my son, maybe young people don’t understand the seriousness and made a misunderstanding.
so let's just talk about it.” Madam Cao stretched out her hand to pull her son away from Jiang Lin's hand.


    Jiang Lin changed from carrying to pinching, and raised his hand to Mrs.
Cao to show her to use some strength.

    Cao Juncai moaned and cried out in pain, Mrs.
Cao was forced to let go.

Cao said it was a misunderstanding.
It seems that Mrs.
Cao knows what happened.
I said Cao Juncai is so bold.
It turns out that Mrs.
Cao is behind it.
Let’s make it clear, since you ordered your son to pour swill at the door of Wei’s mansion, then I will pour the same amount of swill at the door of Cao’s mansion, and the misunderstanding will be resolved.”

    “Swill?” Mrs.
Cao was surprised, yes, it was a surprise.

    Obviously, she didn't know enough about her son's methods.

    Cao Juncai met his mother's sharp gaze, and subconsciously shrank his neck to defend himself in a low voice, “I just wanted to teach Jiang Lin a lesson, originally I wanted to splash sewage water, but it was too stinky, so I replaced it with swill.


Cao had the idea of ​​throwing this stupid son into the swill bucket.

Cao, I want to ask if your Cao family is planning to welcome Jiang Jinyue in?” Jiang Lin changed the subject.

    “Of course not.
I don't know why Mrs.
Wei say that?” Mrs.
Cao was clear about the matter.
The stupid son didn't do the job well.
Not only did he fall into the hands of others, but now he was also in the hands of others.

    “Cao Juncai wanted to seek justice for Jiang Jinyue.
Since she is not the daughter-in-law who is about to enter, is Cao Juncai just a dog raised by Jiang Jinyue? Even her parents haven't come out to say anything, so he is actively barking.”


Cao's face turned cold, “Mrs.
Wei said carefully, it's not your turn to insult my Cao family.
Wei just wanted my son to apologize to you for making such a big fuss, I agree.
I will send someone to clean up the filth at the door, and I will give you a lot of money as compensation for the Wei family.”

Cao ordered the maid to take the money.

    “The Cao family is really different.
Your son did something wrong and I came here to ask for justice.
It turned out to be unreasonable.
Why, you feel that no one in the Wei family is in power and is easy to bully.
You can handle it as you like.
Cao, Your son said a lot at the gate of Wei's mansion, if I make a big fuss, your Cao family might not be able to bear the consequences.”

Cao was shocked, and she asked Cao Juncai immediately, “What else did you say?”

    Cao Juncai shook his head blankly, “No, it's just what Jiang Lin said just now.”

    But Jiang Lin's appearance made Mrs.
Cao fearful.

    “Tell me, what do you want?” Mrs.
Cao finally had the attitude she should have when negotiating terms.

    Jiang Lin let go of Cao Juncai, and lowered his voice, “Mrs.
Cao, I won't offend if anyone doesn’t offend me.
Neither the Wei family nor I, Jiang Lin, have any grudges against your Cao family.
I don't care what big things your Cao family is plotting.
It has nothing to do with me.
But your son has no eyesight and offended me, so I will write down the account.
In the future, if your Cao family troubles me or the Wei family again, what Cao Juncai said will be leaked to the ears of the emperor.”

    “My husband, Wei Yunzhao, since he survived from thousands of troops, he is not something you can handle at will, not to mention that he is still an official of the court, he is not just a commoner, if you want to touch him, you have to weigh whether you can survive in his hands.”

    “Finally,” Jiang Lin suddenly raised his voice, as if he was speaking to someone, “

Cao, tell your father-in-law for me that his son and daughter-in-law are not good at raising his grandson.
I hope he can raise his grandson himself, otherwise Cao Juncai and his mother will follow Wei An and his Mother’s fate!”

    After Jiang Lin finished speaking, he patted Cao Juncai on the shoulder, left a good word, then turned around to pay the people who shouted, and then walked away with his head and chest held high under everyone's gaze.

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