The wound was neither deep nor long, she looked at Jiang Lin wishing to kill eighteen generations of his ancestors.

    Jiang Jinyue threw herself into Zhao Qiuru's arms aggrieved and began to cry, “Mother, my face hurts so much, big brother is so cruel, sister has no grievances with you, why are you doing this to me?”

    The mother and daughter had an eye contact, and Zhao Qiuru naturally knew that the scar on her daughter's face was real, so she angrily questioned Jiang Lin, “You can see the scar on Yue'er's face clearly, what else can you say now?”

    After Zhao Qiuru finished speaking, she began to wipe away her tears, “Master Hou, this concubine asked herself to marry into the Houfu and take care of the young master with all her heart, and never treated him badly, but now the young master is always targeting us.
He first ruined Yue'er's reputation, and then her appearance.
is he going to force our mother and daughter to death to be reconciled?”


The mother and daughter hugged each other and cried, which was very sad, very similar to Wei An and old madam Wei.

    Anyang Hou naturally also saw the scars on his daughter's face, and being provoked by Zhao Qiuru again, his heart was full of anger, and he was about to slap Jiang Lin with his hands.

    “Master Hou!” Wei Yunzhao stopped him immediately.

    Jiang Lin himself was quick, and he didn't succeed.

    “Master Hou, is your head really just a decoration? Can't you tell that the wound on Jiang Jinyue's face was just scratched? With such a small cut, the injury she got yesterday is still bleeding until today, and her injury probably won't heal in this lifetime.

    “Although I don't want to recognize you as a father, you have to be reasonable, and you can't just nod without hesitation when Jiang Jinyue says you're a piece of shit.
According to the extent that Jiang Jinyue and Zhao Qiuru can't wait to kill me, have you ever thought that if I really did something, would she still be able to stand here and talk to you?”

    “Master Hou, going to court is the correct way to open our relationship, am I right?”

    Anyang Hou was a little shaken, but most still didn't believe it.
He was about to speak when Wei Yunzhao took the lead.
“There are two young masters, from the Zhou family and Du family, accompanying us when we went out of the city, if master Hou can't trust us, he can ask someone to come and ask the two young masters to come and testify.”

    As soon as Wei Yunzhao asked people to testify, Jiang Jinyue immediately refuted and sneered, “Who doesn't know that Zhou Chengwang and Du Yuling have been playing with Jiang Lin since they were young, so they naturally stand by Jiang Lin side.”

    Jiang Lin went directly to pull Jiang Jinyue, “Then go to Yamen, don’t gossip here, how did I hurt you, let’s just ask master magistrate to investigate this matter.”

    Zhao Qiuru hugged her daughter tightly and shouted at Jiang Lin in a sharp voice, “Are you not satisfied that Yue'er has been disfigured?, what else do you want to do?, do you really want to force her to death to be reconciled?”

    “Yes,” Jiang Lin nodded, “Didn't you go around saying that I want to kill Jiang Jinyue, and I will do it like you said.”

    “Nizi, she is your sister!” Anyang Hou roared angrily.

    “I'm also her elder brother.
Why? Allow your daughter to tell everywhere that I want to harm her, but don't allow me to do it? Master Hou, if your bowl of water is uneven, accidents are easy to happen.
You can see what happened to Wei An and his mother.”

    Wei An and his mother were like bricks, they needed to be moved wherever they needed to go.

    As expected, Anyang Hou was distracted, and looked at Zhao Qiuru's mother and daughter, “What are you spreading outside? Also, what is a girl doing out of the city?”

    Jiang Lin answered for them: “What else can you do when you go out? Go find a man, one Xu Tianming is not enough and Cao Juncai is here.
Master Hou, wait a little longer, maybe someone from the Cao family will come to propose marriage.”

    “The Cao family? Well, why is it related to the Cao family?” Anyang Hou was really ignorant, with a confused look on his face.

    Jiang Lin: “…You should have a snack (means: don’t have a heart).”

    Seeing Anyang Hou like this, he didn't want to talk to him anymore.
It was estimated that Zhao Qiuru would vacate his house one day, and he would have to ask when will it happen.

    Fortunately, there was also Wei Yunzhao, who thoughtfully explained to Anyang Hou that Cao Juncai and Xu Tianming brought people to the gate of Wei's mansion early in the morning to do good things, “Cao and Xu are so concerned about sister Jinyue, so we guess that a good thing is coming for Houfu.”

    Anyang Hou understood, this was not a good thing that was coming, it was clearly a woman who served two mans.

    As soon as this matter spread, how many good families would dare to marry such a girl, let alone become a crown princess.

    Anyang Hou's eyes fell on Jiang Jinyue, “Jinyue, tell the truth, what is your relationship with the Cao family and the Xu family, and why did they want to stand up for you, a woman who hasn’t left the boudoir?”

    Jiang Jinyue shook her head in a panic, “Daddy, daughter has nothing to do with them, daughter has no idea what they have done, Daddy, don't you know what kind of person daughter is, is it possible that Daddy will suspect daughter just because of a few provocations from outsiders?”

    Jiang Jinyue cried aggrievedly, there was blood from the wound that hadn't been wiped off, and it was quite conspicuous at first glance.
Anyang Hou's heart began to waver again.
Just as he was about to speak, Jiang Lin tugged on his sleeve.

    Jiang Lin pointed to himself, “Master Hou, am I a bastard born to my mother and someone else?”

    As soon as the words came out, Anyang Hou exploded, “Nonsense, unfilial son, even your own mother dares to arrange it, I will beat you to death, you bastard!”

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