“That bastard, he used to make troubles all day long in the Houfu and humiliated this master Hou, but now he still married, why did master Hou give birth to such a useless thing?” Anyang Hou and Zhao Qiuru wanted to solve it.
The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, not only was he dissatisfied with Jiang Lin, he even blamed Jiang Lin's mother who died young.

    “It's also my fault that this master Hou fell into the trap of that woman's beauty and made today's evil.
Fortunately, she died early, otherwise the whole Anyang Houfu would have been delayed by her.”

    Zhao Qiuru listened to Anyang Hou's angry words, the more she listened, the happier she was, but on the surface, she gently and generously persuaded Anyang Hou not to be angry, “Master Hou, don't say that, my sister gave birth to a child for master Hou anyway, and there was credit if there was hard work.”

    “Master Hou, Let's talk about how to stop those rumors outside, our Anyang Houfu can't suffer this slander for nothing…”

    “Father, mother.”


BeforeZhao Qiuru finished speaking, a person came in from the door, a young girl, about sixteen years old, with a bright and charming face, it was not an exaggeration to say that he was beautiful.

    The woman came in style, and her every move showed the demeanor of a lady.
People would involuntarily fix their eyes on her when they saw her, and it was hard to move away.
The person who came was the only daughter of the Anyang Houfu ——Jiang Jinyue.

    “Yue'er,” Zhao Qiuru called, and quickly grabbed her daughter's hand, looking at her daughter who was getting better every day, she was extremely satisfied.

    “Father, mother, Yue'er had also heard the rumors outside, father and mother, don't worry, tomorrow is the day when the eldest brother returns home, whether it’s true or not, we will find out when the eldest brother comes back, no matter how we explain some things It’s not worth a word from eldest brother himself.”

    “Eldest brother owes his birth to Anyang Houfu, Yue’er believes that eldest brother will never allow others to slander the Houfu.”

    Zhao Qiuru immediately understood what her daughter meant, and nodded in agreement, “Master Hou, Yue'er is right.
When Lin'er returns home tomorrow, let him explain, and the rumors will naturally disappear.”

    Anyang Hou believed that Zhao Qiuru had given the dowry.
He felt that Jiang Lin's actions were completely unreasonable, so he naturally didn’t object, “Let's talk about it tomorrow.”

    Jiang Lin, the general's mansion, was bathing Wei Yunzhao again.

    General Wei was covered in black mud two days in a row, so he took a bath for two days in a row.

    No one knew how the black mud came from, but the doctor knew about the bathing.
If it was still cold today, the doctor wouldn’t allow him to be bathed too early, and said that it must wait for the sun to come out before bathing.

    Jiang Lin felt that it didn't matter when he took a bath.
Wei Yunzhao looked much better after drinking his spiritual spring water for the past two days, but the maids and Xun Qi who served Wei Yunzhao took the doctor's words as sacred orders and firmly refused to let Jiang Lin bathe Wei Yunzhao in the morning.

    Jiang Lin also thought, since you had to let the sun come out to bath him, then you could bathe him yourself.

    But all the maids got his order and ran away after delivering the water.
Xun Qi, who was the only one who stood firm at the door, helped out and was responsible for moving Wei Yunzhao from the bed to the bathtub, and then withdrew, closed the door tightly from the outside.


    Jiang Lin, who was forced to bathe General Wei once again: “…”

    That was to say, he was acquainted once and acquainted twice.
In Jiang Lin's eyes, this man was no longer innocent (pure).

    Jiang Lin poked Wei Yunzhao's remaining chest muscles, “General Wei, I sacrificed so much for you, remember to repay me when you wake up, you know?”

    Jiang Lin touched Wei Yunzhao's remaining abdominal muscles again, revealing an envious expression, he could see his abdominal muscles after lying down for three months.
He really didn't know how to practice.

    And his current body was just like a weakling.
Jiang Lin was used to the strong physique in the last days, and now he resented it very much.

    After Wei Yunzhao was cleaned up, Jiang Lin struggled to move him out and put him on a chair to dress him.
This position made it easy to see the essential parts of a man's dignity.
Jiang Lin was disgusted at first, but he still couldn't hold back his envious eyes.

    It didn't matter if the body was weak, even the dignity of a man couldn't compare, the damage was too great.


    Jiang Lin even wondered why Wei Yunzhao’s body wasn't the one he wore, so that he could had the dignity like Wei Yunzhao!

    After getting dressed, Jiang Lin called Xun Qi to send Wei Yunzhao back to the bed, Jiang Lin went to the back kitchen by himself, he took some fruits and some vegetables from the kitchen, and changed them all when there was no one on the way become something from the space.

    After returning to Zhaoyunyuan, he began to make fruit and vegetable juices.
Wei Yunzhao relied on medicine to support him during his coma, and he hadn't eaten anything else for a long time.
He couldn't hold it anymore.

    Jiang Lin planned to get him some fruit juice first, and then some milk boiled with Lingquan water to give him some nutrition.

    Otherwise, even if Wei Yunzhao woke up, he had to take care of him for a long time, but Jiang Lin thought that no one would give Wei Yunzhao such a long time to take care of his body.

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