Ch24 – Relationship

Noticing the gazes of the few diners around him shifting to his face, Ye Shi’s face instantly flushed red.

“Shut up.” Ye Shi blustered and glared at Mu Chen. 

Mu Chen looked at Ye Shi and put on a dejected look, saying, “Shi Tou, don’t be so mean to me, I am at least your…….”

Ye Shi looked at the odd looks of the people around them and said, “Shut up, leave quickly.
If you don’t go, I’ll beat you up …..”



Mu Chen looked at Ye Shi’s face, thought about it, and felt that there was no need to be too hasty, “Then take this card and remember to go.”

Ye Shi originally wanted to refuse but Mu Chen threw down the card and left, so Ye Shi had to resentfully put the VIP card away. 

Chen Da saw Ye Shi walk in with a red face, looking like he had suffered a blow, so he couldn’t help asking, “Shi Tou, what did young master Mu Chen say to you?”


“He invited me to the auction, and this is the VIP card he gave me.” Ye Shi blinked his eyes and said in a misty voice.

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Chen Da looked at the card in Ye Shi’s hand and let out a soft gasp.

“Uncle Chen, what’s wrong?” Ye Shi asked.


“This card doesn’t seem simple!” Chen Da said.

“Of course, this card is a limited edition VIP card issued for the annual auction of the Clearing Moon and there should already be spirit stones inside.” Wang Lun pressed the card a few times, and the crystal card showed a value of one thousand.
“This card has a limit of a thousand spirit stones.
You can use this card to buy anything you want at the auction up to this amount.”

Ye Shi’s eyes widened, “One thousand spirit stones.” He did not take a single day off for a month, but he could only earn thirty spirit stones.


Wang Lun nodded, “Yes.” 

A’Mu looked at Ye Shi and said enviously, “Shi Tou, what is your relationship with young master Mu Chen? He said that you are his fiancé, is that true?”

Ye Shi bit his lip, his face a little hot, and said, “I don’t know either!”

“No, how could you not know?” A’Mu tilted his head in confusion.

Ye Shi muttered quietly, “I just don’t know!” 


“Huh, Mu Chen.” When Zhuang Yu arrived, Mu Chen just happened to be leaving the restaurant and Zhuang Yu managed to see Mu Chen’s back.

Chen Moran looked at Zhuang Yu’s expression, his mood worsening, “Ah Yu, let’s go in and have dinner.”

Zhuang Yu nodded, “Sure!” 

Zhuang Yu and Chen Moran walked into the restaurant and were immediately greeted by a waiter, “What would you like to eat?”

“We just saw young master Mu Chen leave. Was he here for dinner?” Zhuang Yu did not rush to order, but, full of curiosity, asked an irrelevant question.


“Young master Mu Chen did come here just now, but he didn’t come to eat, he came to look for someone.” The little waiter said.

“Looking for someone? Who did he come to see?” Chen Moran asked. 

“He was looking for Ye Shi from the back kitchen.” The waiter answered.

“Why? Are they related?” Zhuang Yu asked.

“According to young master Mu Chen, they have a marriage agreement.
I don’t know if it’s true, but if it’s true, then Shi Tou will rise to heaven in one step.” The little waiter’s face looked a little envious.

Zhuang Yu’s face changed again and again, and he secretly thought to himself, “Is it because of this Ye Shi guy that Mu Chen’s attitude towards himself has suddenly changed? 

Looking at Zhuang Yu’s face, Chen Moran smiled at the waiter and said, “Could you please ask this Ye Shi to come out and meet us? I would like to know what kind of  deity this Ye Shi is.”

“This?” The waiter’s face paled.

Chen Moran smiled, “Why? Is this Ye Shi so precious that I cannot see him?”

The waiter looked at Chen Moran’s face and knew that he could not afford to offend him, so he immediately put on a smile and said, “I will go and invite him immediately.” 


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