Ch4 – Returning the sword

“Young master.” Ren San walked in the door and said respectfully.

“You’re here—since you’re here, follow me out for a walk.” Mu Chen glanced at Ren San and said indifferently. 

“Yes, young master.” Ren San replied crisply.

Mu Chen looked at Ren San for a few moments.
Ren San was unattractive and a bit wooden, but he was obedient enough and his strength was not too bad.



When Qi Si saw Mu Chen and Ren San coming out, he immediately greeted them, and when Mu Chen saw Qi Si, his eyes flashed with a hint of disgust.

“Young master, where are you going?” Qi Si came up after him and said. 

“Why, do I have to report to you where I’m going?” Mu Chen said impatiently.


Qi Si’s face changed and he said, “I’m just worried about your safety, young master.”

Mu Chen looked at Qi Si and said, “Worried about my safety, what can you do to help me if I’m really in danger?”

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Several servants saw this scene and looked at Qi Si with either mockery, pity, or gloating.

Ren San looked at Mu Chen and said, “Young master, where are we going?”


“To the Hu Family’s Weapons Shop, to return this sword.” Mu Chen said. 

Ren San looked at Mu Chen and couldn’t help being a little surprised, “Return it? This is not quite your style, young master!”

Mu Chen smiled indifferently and said, “Who made me short of money?” People are poor and short of ambition!

“Young master Mu, you’re here, I wonder—what do you need?” The shopkeeper of Hu’s Weapons Shop saw Mu Chen and immediately greeted him.

Mu Chen took out the Clear Water Sword and handed it to the shopkeeper, saying, “I’m here to return it.” 

The shopkeeper’s face changed and he said, “What’s the matter, Young Master Mu, are you not satisfied with this sword?”

Mu Chen smiled and said, “I can’t give it away, so, return it and forget about it.”

“Young master Mu, you must think carefully.
The quality of this sword is one in a hundred; if you return this sword, 10% of the paid yuan stones will be deducted.
Next time you want to buy it, it will be more than the last price.” The shopkeeper reminded Mu Chen.

Mu Chen smiled and said, “I’d better return it.
I thought this sword was not bad before but now, I don’t know why, I always feel it’s not very pleasing to the eye.” 

The shopkeeper laughed awkwardly and said, “Alright then.”

“Hey, isn’t this young Mu Chen?” Chen Moran walked over shaking his fan, Zhuang Yu at his side.


Mu Chen couldn’t help squinting his eyes.
According to the original work, Mu Chen would have been furious because Zhuang Yu had returned his sword, and would have fought with Zhuang Yu’s flower protector, Chen Moran.
Unexpectedly, he hadn’t thought that he would meet these two people even though he hadn’t gone to seek them out.

“It’s Young Chen!” Mu Chen said indifferently. 

When Zhuang Yu saw Mu Chen, a faint trace of disgust flashed in his eyes and his body ducked behind Chen Moran.

When Mu Chen saw the look in Zhuang Yu’s eyes, he secretly laughed coldly in his heart.

On the one hand, Zhuang Yu enjoyed Mu Chen’s devotion to him, but on the other hand, he hated Mu Chen for being such a good-for-nothing, second-rate man who wanted to make a name for himself even though he was a whore.

Zhuang Yu saw Mu Chen’s eyes move away from him, and a strange feeling surged in her heart. 

“Young Mu, what are you doing here? Do you want to buy another sword? That can’t be right! I heard that you’ve been in a tight spot lately, can you still afford to buy a sword?” Chen Moran said with some contempt.

“No, Young Mu is here to return the sword.” The shopkeeper said.

Chen Moran laughed, “No way, young Mu, you’re so poor that you’re going to break the pot and sell the iron.”

“Yes! I am already so poor, young Chen, do you want to give me a hand?” Mu Chen said indifferently. 


/petty’s notes: Uhm, for those who are wondering, even though the text calls Mu Chen a player, whore, etc in fact the author states that both the MC and ML are clean.
After all, on the path of cultivation, it’s not good to break one’s body too early.
(As for the original MC, even if he didn’t care about cultivation, he couldn’t have done it even if he wanted to because of some reason you will know in later chapters )


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