sword was bought by him, it had nothing to do with Chen Moran.
How did this guy’s brain grow, he had to come out and meddle in the matter, how excessive! What bad thing had he done that made Chen Moran look at him with such bitterness and hatred?

“Four hundred and fifty yuan stones, boss.” Mu Chen coldly looked at the shopkeeper and said.

The shopkeeper looked at Chen Moran and then at Mu Chen, and said with some hesitation, “Young master Mu Chen, have you really thought it through?”

Mu Chen nodded and said, “Yes, I have.” 

The shopkeeper sighed in his heart and somewhat reluctantly took out four hundred and fifty yuan stones, handing them to Mu Chen, who couldn’t wait to put them into his spatial ring.

Zhuang Yu stood behind Chen Moran watching the scene with a somewhat complicated look in his eyes.

Mu Chen’s eyes faintly swept over Zhuang Yu, whose eyes were full of puzzlement and sorrow, a look that made Mu Chen’s heart bristle.

“Mu Chen, I want to fight with you.” Chen Moran gritted his teeth and looked at Mu Chen. 

Mu Chen’s eyes squinted slightly.
In the original novel, Mu Chen was furious because Zhuang Yu had returned his sword, and he engaged in a deadly fight with Chen Moran.
Now, he doesn’t take the initiative to find faults, but this guy, Chen Moran, still comes to him looking for a fight.

“No time.” Mu Chen said without thinking.


In the original novel, Chen Moran and the original owner had fought to a standstill, both defeated and injured.
He had just crossed over and his body was not well coordinated yet, so if he fought Chen Moran, he would definitely lose.
He didn’t want to get injured so soon.

Chen Moran snorted and said, “You have no guts, you coward!” 

Zhuang Yu pulled Chen Moran’s sleeve and said, “Moran, don’t say anything.”

Mu Chen gave Chen Moran a cool sweeping glance and wanted to leave.

“Young Mu.” Zhuang Yu called out to stop Mu Chen, who was about to leave.

Mu Chen turned around, looked at Zhuang Yu, and said, “Is there something wrong?” 

Zhuang Yu looked at Mu Chen and his eyes flashed with a bit of apology, “I’m sorry, Young Mu, but there are some things that really can’t be forced.”

Mu Chen smiled and said, “I know.”

Mu Chen took Ren San and left.
Ren San looked at Mu Chen with a few moments of deep thought flashing through his eyes.

Chen Moran looked at Mu Chen’s back, his heart full of disdain.
Chen Moran secretly said: “We haven’t seen each other for a few days, but this guy, Mu Chen, is becoming more and more cowardly. 


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