zed to him again.

Ye Xingzhou cast a cold glance at Qi Xing but said nothing.
He turned around and left first.

Five minutes later, at the café.

Qi Xing pulled out a chair and sat down in front of Ye Xingzhou, raising an eyebrow at the man looking back at him, “Shall we chat?”

Ye Xingzhou’s expression was cold and indifferent, neither confirming nor denying.
Qi Xing went straight to the point and asked, “What’s your relationship with sir Lin?”

Ye Xingzhou didn’t answer immediately, just calmly looked at him.

Qi Xing maintained his composure and returned his gaze.
With only the distance of a coffee table between them, he finally saw clearly the eyes hidden behind the silver-framed glasses—narrow and restrained, pressed beneath sharp eyebrows.
The eyes were deep in color, untroubled as they stared at people, resembling frost.

He felt annoyed inwardly and said, ‘Hey?’

Ye Xingzhou asked, ‘how is my relationship with him your business?’

 His tone was contemptuous.
Qi Xing confirmed once again  the person in front of him was truly unlikeable.

‘I plan to pursue sir Lin.
Originally, your relationship with him had nothing to do with me, and it doesn’t affect what I will do.
But to avoid making things difficult for sir  Lin, I thought I should inform you first.
If you don’t say anything, that’s fine.
Anyway, I’ve set my sights on him.’ Qi Xing leaned back in his chair, assuming a relaxed posture while maintaining an arrogant attitude.

Ye Xingzhou picked up his coffee cup, took a sip, and casually replied with two words, ‘do as you please’’

Qi Xing’s gaze stopped on his face, and he smiled.
‘I don’t think you and him are a match at all.’

Ye Xingzhou remained calm and asked, ‘Why do you say that?’

‘Intuition,’ Qi Xing pointed to his own head and made a shooting gesture toward Ye Xingzhou.
‘My intuition has always been accurate, and I sense that your thoughts toward him are impure.’

When pursuing a beautiful person, it’s necessary to have a good understanding of a formidable rival.

The previous night, when his group of friends mentioned Ye Xingzhou, some of them were well-informed and casually gossiped.
They said he was the eldest son and illegitimate child of the Ye family patriarch.
He was only brought back from the outside world when he was in his teens.
Before the patriarch passed away, he had been low-key and average.
No one expected that after the patriarch’s death, he would suddenly emerge, unite with the other shareholders and directors of the company, forcefully seize power, and successfully get rid of any Ye family members who didn’t submit to him.

Although that was the case, there were always some people who didn’t dare to provoke him in significant matters but intentionally caused trouble for him in other ways.
Among his uncles and elders, some tried to interfere in his marriage, using it as a means to control him.

‘I heard that last month his uncle publicly played matchmaker for him at a social event, causing quite a scene.
Since then, he has been seen frequently with the painter Lin.’

The  young men laughed and joked about the affairs of others, treating it as entertainment.
Qi Xing casually listened but paid attention to what he heard.

Ye Xingzhou probably wasn’t afraid of others gossiping about his sexual orientation.
However, for the Ye family, who considered themselves the so-called upper class, those old folks with their esteemed positions probably couldn’t bear the humiliation.

Ye Xingzhou remained unmoved, not taking his provocation seriously.
He no longer paid attention to Qi Xing.

Glancing at his watch, he stood up, preparing to leave.

Qi Xing, who was being ignored, was unhappy and called out, ‘Hey, you said you were waiting for sir Lin here.
He hasn’t arrived, and you’re leaving already.
Is your patience that short? ‘

Ye Xingzhou picked up his suit jacket and put it back on his arm.
As he passed by Qi Xing, he stopped, turned his head, and looked at him.

Qi Xing raised his eyes and met the direct gaze behind the lenses, perceiving a clear scrutiny in those black, profound eyes.
His expression froze for a moment, and he instinctively raised his voice a bit, ‘What? Can’t admit it when you’re exposed?’

Ye Xingzhou silently watched Qi Xing, who resembled a belligerent rooster, shaking his crest and fanning his tail feathers, posturing and acting arrogantly.
He had seen many such people before, and if there was anything different about  Qi Xing it was probably that he was exceptionally good-looking, with coquettish eyes fluttering about as if he were flirting with someone, although he himself seemed unaware of it.

Ye Xingzhou had previously met Qi Ronghua, who appeared to be a lucky upstart according to most people but seemed shrewd in his eyes.
He didn’t expect his son to have the same qualities.

A waste of a good-looking appearance.

Qi Xing felt increasingly uneasy under Ye Xingzhou’s silent gaze.
Before he could furrow his brows, Ye Xingzhou’s slender fingers, with distinct knuckles, suddenly reached out and stopped by the side of his face.

Qi Xing was taken aback, and Ye Xingzhou’s fingertip had already brushed past his jaw.
The clear and warm touch made him shudder, almost causing him to jump.

‘What are you doing?’ Qi Xing asked impatiently.

Ye Xingzhou calmly withdrew his hand.
His face showed no expression, but his tone carried mockery.
‘With just a touch, you already have the look of being taken advantage of.
With your current state, do you think you can pursue someone like i do ?’

Qi Xing: ‘…’

After coming back to his senses, his blood surged, his face turned red, and he stared at Ye Xingzhou with anger.
The man who had ‘taken advantage’ of him had already left gracefully.

Qi Xing couldn’t bear it any longer and flipped him off as his retreating figure grew distant.”


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