Qi Xing didn’t move nor shook his hand,

The smile on the other party’s face froze halfway.
Qi Xing ignored him and turned to Lin Zhinian, saying, “The wedding over there is about to start.
Will you go over now? Shall we go together?”

Lin Zhinian breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Alright.”

After leaving the villa, Lin Zhinian awkwardly thanked him, “Thank you for helping me out just now, Qi Xing.
I’m sorry you had to witness that.”

Qi Xing shrugged indifferently, “It was nothing.
But, is your uncle always like that?”

Lin Zhinian replied, “…He cares too much.”

“Is that so?” Qi Xing smiled and asked, “Then, you and Ye Xingzhao, really don’t have that kind of relationship? Since that’s the case, can I pursue you? “

Upon hearing this, Yang Kaiming quickly found an excuse and ran off.
Lin Zhinian felt uneasy and said, “Qi Xing, please don’t joke like that.”

“I’m not joking,” Qi Xing said innocently, “Do I look like I’m joking? I really want to pursue you.”

Seeing Lin Zhinian hesitate and not knowing how to respond, Qi Xing waved his hand with a smile, “Forget it, take your time to consider, sir Lin.
I’m definitely sure i can treat you better  than Ye Xingzhao.Think about it carefully.”

Back at the lakeside, there were more people at the wedding venue than before.
Ye Xingzhou was still the center of attention in the crowd, holding a glass of champagne and leisurely listening to others’ conversations.
Every movement and gesture exuded the demeanor of a graceful nobleman.

Qi Xing followed Lin Zhinian and walked over, observing him from a distance, inwardly criticizing the pretentiousness of that person, feeling a bit annoyed.

When Lin Zhinian approached, someone made room for him.
Lin Zhinian walked up to Ye Xingzhou and asked softly, “Is the wedding about to start?”

Ye Xingzhou took a sip of his drink and casually reminded him, “It will be a while.
Why don’t you have something to eat first?”

“Xingzhou is taking good care of Zhinian.
Even after so many years, your relationship is still as good as before.
It’s really enviable.
Take a look, it makes people jealous.”

A smiling middle-aged man suddenly spoke, carrying an air of an elder, looking at Ye Xingzhou and Lin Zhinian.

Ye Xingzhou raised his eyelids and calmly looked back, not responding.
The man continued, “I still remember when you two were in high school, you were often seen together.
It’s been so many years, and it’s rare that your relationship is still the same.
Now even Wan Qing is married, but you, as his older brother, is falling behind.
I think you should settle down too.
Our family is not so conservative, there’s nothing wrong with liking men…”

Ye Xingzhou slowly drank his wine, seemingly unaffected by the words, while Lin Zhinian subconsciously looked at him, his eyes flickering.

The surrounding people were just enjoying the spectacle.
The members of the Ye family discussed Ye Xingzhou’s romantic affairs in public, with some truth and some fabrication, only known to the parties involved.

“That’s enough, stop talking nonsense,” someone finally spoke up and intercepted.
It was another elder from the Ye family, who pointed his cane at the ground, displeased.
“Today is Wan Qing’s wedding.
Don’t get drunk and speak nonsense here.”

“Big brother, how am I speaking nonsense? Who among us doesn’t know about the relationship between Xingzhou and Zhinian?”

“I told you to shut up!”

“What good does it do for me to shut up? We can’t control Xingzhou’s affairs, but big brother, you even wanted to introduce a girl to Xingzhou before.
Why bother? If he likes men, and you forcefully push a girl onto him, won’t it create enmity?”

“Xingzhou is not the kind of person you’re talking about.
Stop talking nonsense here!”

Ye Xingzhou remained composed, allowing them to argue while he continued to drink his own glass of wine.

Qi Xing stood on the side with folded arms, watching the drama unfold.
Yang Kaiming approached him and whispered, “The odd-tempered one from the Ye family is Ye’s uncle.
I heard he made a lot of money in their family company before being kicked out by Ye Xingzhou.
It seems he deliberately wanted to make trouble for Ye Xingzhou today.
The other one is Ye Xingzhou’s uncle, who previously acted as a matchmaker for Ye Xingzhou in public.
He’s the one the Ye family values the most in terms of reputation.”

Qi Xing scanned over Ye Xingzhou, who didn’t even furrow his brows, and made a fair assessment, “It seems like they’re both putting on a show.
Ye Xingzhou doesn’t want to pay any attention to either of them.”

After finishing half a glass of wine, Ye Xingzhou placed it on the refreshment table and spoke up, “I appreciate the concern from my uncle and my uncle’s brother.”

The Ye uncle wanted to say something, but Ye Xingzhou didn’t give him a chance.
“But this is a private matter between Zhinian and me.
It seems unnecessary to discuss it in front of everyone.”

Qi Xing applauded twice and interjected, “it’ll be good if you at least respect Lin zhinian’s opinion.
What do you mean by ‘not that kind of person’? What kind of person is that? Honestly, Lin Zhinian might not even fancy Ye Xingzhao, right? What do you think, Lin zhinizan?”

Under everyone’s gaze, Lin Zhinian felt embarrassed.
Ye Xingzhou’s eyes fell on Qi Xing, paused for a moment, and suddenly said, “It doesn’t matter what kind of person I am, but do you know what kind of person you are?”

“Does it concern you?” Qi Xing retorted.

“No, it doesn’t,” Ye Xingzhou said, nodding.
“I’m just curious.
I’m very interested in you and your affairs, Qi xing.”

His tone was calm, but his words had a subtle, indescribable sense of ambiguity.
The gazes of the people around them became somewhat surprised and thought-provoking.

Qi Xing was taken aback for a moment and blurted out, “I’m not interested in you!”

“I know,” Ye Xingzhou nodded,  and shifted his gaze away, signaling to others, “The wedding is about to begin.
Please take your seats.”

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