Wanqi sneered, “Are you scared? Afraid of losing to me?”

“You don’t need to provoke me,” Qi Xing remained unmoved.
“I have no interest in winning against a someone like you.”

“I’ve got the car you’ve been longing for, and it’s the latest limited edition,” Ye Wanqi dangled the bait.
“Won’t you come and take a look? How about a race with me? If you win, I’ll give you the car?”

Qi Xing finally turned his gaze back and looked at him as if he were looking at a fool.
“You’re giving me the car?”

Ye Wanqi flicked the cigarette ash and said, ” you’ll find out if you come”

The car he mentioned was indeed the one Qi Xing had been wanting.
Qi Xing had the money, but getting the qualifications to buy a car was troublesome, especially for limited edition sports cars, even if you had the money, they were hard to come by.

Ye Wanqi knew this, which was why he deliberately came to Qi Xing and talked about it.

Seeing a hint of hesitation on Qi Xing’s face, Yang Kaiming quietly reminded him, “Be careful, it might be a trap.”

“ Let’s cut to the chase.
Will you come or not?”

“Of course, I’ll go,” Qi Xing replied .
“You said if I win, you’ll give me the car for free.
Why wouldn’t I want that? If you dare  go back on your word, I’ll hunt you down till you repay your debt.”

“You can talk big when you win,” Ye Wanqi coldly snorted and stood up to leave.

Qi Xing didn’t bother with him anymore, and Yang Kaiming anxiously reminded him once again, “Qi xing, are you really going? That guy is willing to bet his brand new car.
There’s a good chance he’ll play some dirty tricks.”

Qi Xing shrugged indifferently, “What kind of ideas can that blockhead come up with? I’ll go and see.”

When the wedding ceremony was over, Qi Ronghua received a message from Qi Xing, saying that he had gone out to play with Yang Kaiming and had disappeared.

Guests were leaving one by one, and halfway through, Qi Xing saw Lin Zhinian, walking alone and asked Yang Kaiming to stop the car.

” what are you planning?” Yang Kaiming hesitated and stopped the car outside the estate.
“Almost everyone has left.
Where are you going?”

Qi Xing unbuckled his seatbelt and said, “Lin zhinian is still inside.
I’ll go and pick him up.”

Yang Kaiming exclaimed, “Huh?”

“I have to seize this opportunity.
Should I leave him alone here with that Ye Xingzhou?” Qi Xing finished speaking and opened the car door, instructing Yang Kaiming, “I’ll be back soon.
Just wait here.”

He walked in confidently and sent a message to Lin Zhinian.

“Li, haven’t you left yet?  Do you want to go back together?”

There was no reply from him, but Qi Xing unconsciously walked to the lakeside where the ceremony had taken place.
Surprisingly, it had already been cleared so quickly.
He paused his steps when he heard voices ahead and looked up from his phone screen.

Not far away were Ye Xingzhou and his uncle, accompanied by several bodyguards.

A few hours ago, the confident Uncle Ye was now being held by Ye Xingzhou’s bodyguards, unable to move, and was angrily shouting at Ye Xingzhou, “You beast! You killed your father.
You’re not human! Ah!”

One of Ye Xingzhou’s bodyguards punched Uncle Ye in the face, causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood, along with a missing tooth.

Ye Xingzhou stood in front of him, eyes lowered, calmly playing with something in his hand, ignoring the curses.

Qi Xing saw clearly that it was a gun in his hand and widened his eyes in astonishment.

“You bastard! We shouldn’t have let you into the family in the first place.
You’re just like your dead mother…”

The cold and hard muzzle pressed against Uncle Ye’s forehead, causing his words to choke in his throat.
His body involuntarily trembled, and his voice changed, “You… you dare.
This is illegal, illegal!”

Ye Xingzhou looked down at him with a contemptuous and emotionless gaze, as if he were looking at a dead man.

Time seemed to freeze as Ye Xingzhou’s finger slowly pulled the trigger.
The man with the gun against his head, drenched in cold sweat, his lips trembling, making a constant “heh heh” sound, but unable to complete a full sentence.

Qi Xing stood still, holding his breath.
He had witnessed many absurd things, but witnessing someone being killed was a first.
He forgot to run and forgot to find a place to hide.


In the instant that Ye Xingzhou pulled the trigger, Uncle Ye screamed loudly, his eyes rolling back, and he collapsed to the ground.
Ye Xingzhou looked at him with a sneer, calmly released his grip, and let what he was holding fall to the ground.

It was just a model gun.

And his uncle was now lying on the ground, completely terrified, like a dead dog, and even lost control of his bodily functions.

Qi Xing finally snapped out of his daze, instinctively took a step back to avoid it, but Ye Xingzhou suddenly looked up and stared in his direction.

Those eyes were cold, gloomy, and sharp as an eagle’s, and in that instant, Qi Xing felt a paralyzing fear coursing through his body.
He instinctively wanted to escape, but Ye Xingzhou didn’t give him a chance.

The man coldly nodded to the bodyguard beside him, and someone quickly approached, forcefully holding Qi Xing down.


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