“Therefore, that person will be sentenced to ‘time-back punishment’!” 


A strong wind blows up from the bottom of the valley.

The sky is gray.
It looks like it’s about to rain.

Meanwhile, my arms were tied and I was forced to stand right next to the ravine.


Today is my execution day.

The sins of plotting to murder the future queen, of continuing to pretend to be a saint, and of being born with magical powers will be paid for by dying.


But it’s not just an execution. 


The country is indebted to me for protecting the barrier for ten years. 

That’s why I wasn’t just decapitated, I was sentenced to ‘Time Back’. 


This country is said to be connected to the “Demon World(Makai)”, and there is a place called the “Tokigaeri no Valley”.
The valley was so deep, dark, and eerie that the bottom of the valley could not be seen. 

There is a legend that if you throw yourself into that valley, your body’s age will go backwards, and eventually you will be a baby, and then the time will rewind to the time you enter your mother’s womb, and you will eventually be reborn again.
Once again, start all over again.


That person said that I should be grateful that it was not a decapitation but a beheading.

The crown prince who was my fiancé.

This is Himari’s kindness.

Himari asked him to make me start all over again. 


But it’s all the same.

After all, it’s not beheading, but jumping from a high place and dying! That’s what it means.
It’s probably better than decapitation to preserve my dignity, but isn’t everyone the same after death? It doesn’t make sense if only pride is preserved in a world without me.

The only difference is the way of dying, “will you die by being fired?” or “will you commit suicide?”.

If we die, we’ll all be together.


Whishh, a gust of wind blows.


I opened my closed eyes and glanced at the bottom of the valley.


U wa…so deep…


“Is there anything you want to say at the end?” 


When asked by the executioner, I thought for a while and then said.


“I wrote a letter to Himari-sama.
It’s on the desk in the prison.
If her work as a saint becomes difficult, can you tell her to read it?”


I heard that Himari-chan was the same age as me.  

Fifteen years old. 

She doesn’t really know what’s going on with her.  

As someone who has given up her duties as a saint, there is something I must tell her.

That’s why I left the letter.


“I can’t grant such a wish.”


I heard a cold voice. 

When I turned around, my ex-fiancé was sitting on the chair watching the execution. 

His Highness is not the only one.
At this place, there were various visitors, from noble ladies to curious commoners. 

It’s kind of uncomfortable being seen by everyone…


“You are poison to Himari.
Today too, She is sorry, she is afraid, and she is stuck in her room and seems in trouble.”


…What does that fear mean?


“I want to go to Himari.
I want to comfort her.”


His Highness really likes being inside with Himari-sama, and the execution ground became a little more peaceful. 


When I was told to proceed, I walked over to the scaffold that protruded into the valley. 

When I stood in front of the scaffold, my legs trembled with fear.

But there are soldiers with swords behind them.

If I don’t fly, I’ll just get cut and feel the pain.


I let out a sigh.


From now on, I’ll pretend I fell to the bottom of the valley and avoid death with flying magic. 

Once I’ve calmed down, go somewhere far away, somehow find a job, and live a happy commoner life!

This is a new step!




Let’s do it!

I closed my eyes.  

Feel the wind.

I think I can go now.


Presea, let’s fly!


After taking a deep breath, I stepped into the abyss myself.


 ── Grasp


My body suddenly falls downwards. 




Hyaaa, so scary!


Oh no, it’s scarier than I thought!


My body falls down with tremendous speed. 

D-Don’t be scared. 


I gritted my teeth and concentrated as usual… but…




No wait a minute. 

I can’t activate magic with that much leeway!?




It’s a lie right! ?!? !? 

Why! ? 

Why can’t I fly!? 

At this rate, I’m really going to die!


It’s getting dark all around. 

This may have fueled my impatience unnecessarily and prevented me from successfully activating magic.




While spilling tears and runny nose, I fall endlessly.



What was my life like? 

If I hadn’t become a saint, I might have been able to have a good time at the orphanage.

I wonder if I could rewind my precious time.


Eat delicious food and sweets, sleep a lot, and wear cute clothes


And then




As if being wrapped in darkness, my consciousness disappeared.



The man was standing on the rubble, looking up at the sky.

It seems that there was an unusually large building there. 

But now it has decayed into rubble.


Smooth, jet-black hair that barely touched his shoulders.   

His eyes, also deeper than the darkness of the night, are as sharp as obsidian.  

But above all, the man’s face was well-groomed.


The black military uniform that he wears flutters in a gust of wind. 


The silver crest on his back shone brightly. 


The man stretched out his black-gloved hand to the sky.


The sky shines


Something is slowly falling. 

The man said in a whisper.


“So, come here.

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