“Luck Value 999”



A group of adults had gathered around a baby, their eyes shining with anticipation as they gazed at the child.
A serious-looking magician with glasses then walked up to the baby and quickly waved his right hand.


“The magic power value of Sachi is… ‘1’,” the magician said.


In that moment, the expectant gazes around the room turned to shock.
The father of the baby, Kurubis Gracier, widened his eyes in disbelief and trembled slightly.
Meanwhile, the baby, Sachi Gracier, started crying as if sensing the unsettling atmosphere.


The magic power value represents the strength of a person’s power when using magic.
It could also be described as a magician’s talent.
In the country of Orchard, where this story takes place, a person’s ability as a magician is everything.
The country has produced many talented magicians, and their development of magical technology has greatly improved their military and economic power.
Since talent in magic is largely determined by bloodlines, families of magicians are given preferential treatment.


The Gracier family is one of those families.
They have produced many top-tier magicians throughout history, contributed to the country’s development, and have been granted social privileges and status.
To maintain their position, the Gracier family must develop their children’s talents and send them off as magicians.
However, Sachi, born as the eldest daughter of the Gracier family, has achieved a hopeless result of a “magic power value of 1.”


“Why… this can’t be right… this is my child,” Sachi’s father, Kurubis, could not accept the result and was still in shock.
He then ran to Sachi’s side and used the appraisal magic himself instead of relying on a third-party magician, called a “magic power appraiser,” which is mandatory in this appraisal ceremony.
The Gracier family’s tradition of this “appraisal ceremony” is to showcase their children’s magical talent to acquaintances from other noble families.


The origins of the ceremony are varied, but now, it serves as a means to demonstrate a noble family’s dignity by displaying their child’s talent.
Even though a “magic power appraiser” is necessary for the appraisal ceremony, Kurubis, as the current head of the Gracier family, has the qualifications and abilities of a national magician and decided to appraise his daughter’s magic power himself.


“This is ridiculous…”


However, even if Kurubis appraised Sachi himself, the result did not change.
Sachi’s magic power value was still 1.


“I have never seen such a small number of magical value.
While the number of magical particles is ordinary, why is the magic power value so low?” Kurubis exclaimed.


Magical particles, a mysterious force, reside within the human body.
These particles listen to the host’s voice, known as an incantation, and in response, cause supernatural phenomena to occur.
This is what magic is.
Therefore, the power of magic is directly proportional to the size of the magical particles.
The larger the magical particles in the body, the greater the power when using magic.
Additionally, having a greater number of magical particles allows for the use of more magic spells.
Other qualities can also be determined by observing the color and personality of magical particles.


In Sachi’s case, although the number of magical particles was ordinary, their size was as small as grains of sand.
“With such a small size, although Sachi can activate magic, it will have no power,” Kurubis stated.


Suppose someone has a magic power value of 100 and 20 magical particles.
In that case, they can use a spell with 100 power 20 times.
In contrast, if someone has a magic power value of 1 but has 100 magical particles, they can use a spell with a power of 1 a hundred times.
However, this is no comfort.
When a regular magician casts a low-level spell such as Flame Sphere, they can conjure up a fireball from their palm.
In contrast, if Sachi cast it, she would only produce a weak flame akin to a matchstick.
Firing it a hundred times is meaningless.
Therefore, the size of the magical particles is crucial.


While the number of magical particles can be increased through training, particle size is determined at birth.
Parental magical particles play a role in determining their child’s particle size, with children inheriting their parents’ magical particles.
However, for some unknown reason, Sachi did not inherit this talent.
Therefore, there is no hope of further improvement in her magical abilities.


“But in exchange, her luck value is ‘999’,” said the magic appraiser.


“999?” Kurubis furrowed his brow at the news.


The appraiser assessed the nature of the magical elements and quantified the talent for magic as a numerical value.
According to his estimation, Sachie’s magic power was only one, but her luck value was an extraordinary 999.


The average magic power of a national mage is 150, and the luck value is at most 50, so there is no mistake that this is an astonishing value.




“What is the point of having a luck value of 999? It is a completely unnecessary talent for a mage!” Kurubis exclaimed.


Indeed, having a high luck value means nothing in terms of improving the effectiveness of magic.
Measuring a person’s good luck through the “glow” of the magical elements, the luck value is nothing but an unneeded byproduct for mages.


The only benefit would be a slightly better daily life.


Therefore, when the people around heard Sachie’s luck value was 999, they couldn’t help but chuckle.


This appraisal ceremony became a disgraceful event for the Gracier family, the first of its kind.


“This is a disgrace to the Gracier family…!” Kurubis muttered.


From that moment on, all expectations for Sachie were completely extinguished, and her treatment within the household became rough.


Three years had passed, and Sachie began to realize that she was being treated unfairly.


The trigger for this realization was her older brother.


Mize Gracier, unlike Sachi, had plenty of talent in magic and was showered with affection and lavish gifts from their father.
He received everything he desired, including unnecessary jewels and decorations, a large room, and over a dozen dedicated maids.
He also had an abundance of study materials, including paper, pens, and books.


In contrast, Sachi lived in a small, shabby room and was given only the bare minimum of necessities.
She felt a significant gap between herself and her brother, especially when she saw the luxurious meals that he was given.


The Gracier household’s kitchen was located right next

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