Mile Magic’ or something like that.
Depending on the magic power level, you can monitor a certain range, and experts can even see the situation beyond a mountain.


Using that magic, they can monitor the Enchanted Forest during the exam and immediately inform nearby examiners if anything happens.


It’s a primitive but reliable method.
Apparently, they were watching us, but it seems the exam assistants didn’t come…

“I found out that three male candidates were being attacked by the blooming Death Flower Ivy, and I was about to send the assistants right away.
But before that, you two arrived and swiftly wiped them out.
We couldn’t even intervene.
You both possess incredible power.”


“Well, honestly, it was lucky that we managed to save those three safely.”


We were able to wipe them out quickly.


But I think it was just luck that we were able to rescue those three who were being attacked.
They try to maintain fairness in the exam, so they avoid involving the assistants as much as possible.
In that situation, having the assistants come would have ensured the safe rescue of the trio.


That’s why I couldn’t help but smile wryly, without getting conceited.


“Actually, I wanted to help the blue-haired girl who was being threatened by the trio as well, but they technically didn’t violate any rules.
I was planning to give them a severe warning, but you surpassed me in that too.
So, really, thank you for everything.”


“Oh no, it’s nothing…”


“I would have liked to give you both additional points for the practical exam, but unfortunately, I don’t have the authority.
I apologize for that.”


“Well, if you did that, it would become unfair.
It’s totally fine.”


Honestly, I did want it though.
I want to get as close to passing as possible.


“It’s not just about fairness; I also believe that there’s no need for you two, who finished the practical exam so quickly, to receive additional points.
It’s almost certain that you will pass.”


Hmm, I wonder.


It’s said that the Royal Harvest School of Magic places great emphasis on the practical exam, but it doesn’t mean that the results of the written exam are completely ignored.
I have some confidence in it, but I unfortunately don’t have a definite feeling of having secured my admission.


So, I’m a bit anxious.
Maybe I should have tried to persuade them to give us additional points for the practical exam.


As I entertain such impure thoughts, I imagine Mulburry softly admonishing me in my mind, saying, “That’s not right.”


“Anyway, congratulations on completing the entrance exam.
Take a good rest today and recover from the fatigue.”


“Yes, ma’am.”


As I raise my hand high to respond, the examiner gives me a quiet smile.


And with that, the exam is over.


So, let’s head back to the inn, I think, and just as I’m about to start walking…


“Um…,” Mil suddenly asked the examiner, and I belatedly remembered.


Come to think of it, that’s right.


Why were the withered Ivy flowers in full bloom in that place?


It remains a mystery to this day.


“We still don’t know the details.
The national sorcerers were supposed to clean up the ‘flower growth’ before the exams began.
The possibility of overlooking them is low, and finding five of them in a frozen state was unexpected for us,” the examiner replied.


“…That’s true,” I agreed.


The examiner had mentioned it before the practical exam started.
They had asked the national sorcerers to exterminate the dangerous withered Ivy flowers beforehand.


So why were there five survivors?


If it was just one, there might have been a possibility of overlooking it.


The mystery still remained unsolved, and the examiner wore a troubled expression.


“But…” she said.


“But?” I asked.


“One of the exam assistants claimed to have seen a ‘mysterious light’ in the forest during the practical exam.
They said it was some kind of magical light, but it didn’t seem like something the candidates could have produced.
We suspect that it might be the cause that attracted the ‘flower growth’,” I explained.


“A mysterious light of magic…” I pondered.


Could that be the reason why the withered Ivy flowers gathered five of them?


Besides, most of the ‘flower growth’ should have been eradicated, so they shouldn’t be present in this forest anymore.


In fact, if the examiner’s hypothesis is correct…


“Are you saying that there was a sorcerer who tried to sabotage the exam?” I asked.


“There’s a high possibility.
Have you ever heard of an anti-magic organization called ‘Mistral’?” the examiner replied.




I glanced at Mil, and she tilted her head indicating that she had no knowledge of it either.


“Mistral is an independent group that has long been hostile to the magic nation of Orchard.
They seem to hold dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs, where magical talent is highly valued and sorcerers dominate the era.
Many of them bear an intense grudge against the national sorcerers, and they frequently meddle with the Magic Academy, the world’s largest institution for training sorcerers.”


“…What a nuisance,” I remarked.


It’s not uncommon for people to be dissatisfied with the magic supremacist sorcerer nation.
Moreover, there are quite a few citizens who feel resentful about the enormous research funding granted to the national sorcerers, which comes from taxes paid to the magic nation.


It seems likely that there are national sorcerers who misuse research funds without achieving significant results.


So it’s not surprising that there are people who hold grudges against the national sorcerers…


But causing havoc during the entrance exam of the Magic Academy is clearly wrong in my opinion.
Especially endangering us, mere candidates, for what purpose?


“While it’s highly likely that the culprits are them, there’s also a possibility that it could be the work of someone completely different.
Anyway, if I find out anything, I will definitely inform you.
It wouldn’t sit right to leave it unresolved like this,” the examiner said.


“Yes, thank you very much,” I replied.


Well, it’s not like we’ve already been accepted into the Magic Academy.


This might be the last time I get to talk to this examiner.


Anyway, even though I still feel unsatisfied, let’s be glad that the exam is over and leave it to the adults for now.


“I want to express my gratitude once again for preventing a major trouble this time.
Both of you, well done on the entrance exam.
I look forward to the day we meet again,” the examiner said.


“Thank you very much,” Mil and I said in unison, bidding farewell to the examiner.


And thus, my entrance exam for the Magic Academy came to a close.


I hope I can pass…!


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