ound the chairs we were sitting on during the entrance ceremony to be exceptionally comfortable.”


Mil gave me a reproachful look, as if she wanted to say, “You occasionally say the most absurd things, Sachiko.”


I was quite relaxed and comfortably dozing off during the entrance ceremony.
Mil is very serious, so she was wide awake, listening to the speeches.


Anyway, now that I understand why the students engage in mock battles, let’s get back to the point.


“Well, there’s no use in complaining endlessly.
The opportunity will come eventually, so let’s patiently wait without rushing.”


“…I’ve been with you all this time, and I can’t help but notice that Sachiko, you’re always so ‘optimistic,’ or rather, you never doubt that you’ll find happiness.”


That’s because I’m an incredibly lucky girl with a luck stat of 999! It’s quite different from Mil, the extremely unlucky girl with a luck stat of 0!”


“Mind your own business!”


“Well, things will work out somehow.”


That’s my motto.


The next day.


Surprisingly, that golden opportunity came sooner than expected.


“If you don’t mind, would you like to join us for a subjugation request?”




As soon as the morning class ended and lunch break began…


A girl approached me at my seat and called out to me.


She had fluffy, chestnut-colored braids and a serene, youthful face.


Just like her gentle impression, her way of speaking was relaxed and unhurried.


Even from her refined choice of words, she exuded an air of sophistication.


“Um, you’re in the same class as me…”


The girl with the largest… not that… what was her name again?


As I struggled to recall, the chestnut-haired girl smiled knowingly.


“My name is Maron Melange.”


“Oh, right, Maron-san.
Sorry, I’m really bad at remembering people’s names…”


“My seat is at the front, closest to the corridor, so it’s the farthest from Sachi-sama.
We don’t have many opportunities to meet, so it can’t be helped.”


She offered a subtle follow-up while smiling gently.


However, her words were laced with a saintly kindness, and her considerate nature could be felt just by conversing with her.


Come to think of it, there were various rumors circulating within the class.


Like how she helped search for a lost student ID, or how she assisted with cleaning when there was no time, or how she forgave someone without a single displeased expression after they accidentally spilled juice on her.


Even though it hadn’t been much time since she enrolled, there were already numerous anecdotes circulating about her among the classmates.


So she already had quite a few friends.


Conversely, I had no friends at all, and in fact, I was being avoided by those around me.
That’s why it felt strange for her to approach me, and I could sense the curious gazes of my classmates.


It was uncomfortable.
Wait, why did she come talk to me in the first place?


Unable to disregard Maron-san’s kind smile, I mustered my courage and asked her.


“So, what does it mean to join a subjugation request together?”


“Well, yesterday, I happened to be standing right behind Sachi-sama and the others at the request reception desk, and I overheard the entire conversation.
Because you don’t have a family crest, you hardly get any introduction to subjugation requests, right?”


“Oh, so you were there at that time, Maron-san.”


I didn’t notice at all.


Actually, thinking that she witnessed that scene, it feels embarrassing.


I mean, at that time, I only got introduced to two requests, and I must have shown quite an uncool side.


“I didn’t intend to eavesdrop, but I happened to overhear… So I thought if there was anything I could do to help, and I came up with the idea of taking the subjugation test together.”


“Together? Ah, I see…”


If I remember correctly, the receptionist said, “If you take a request together with other noble students, we can introduce more requests.”


If a student from a prestigious family with a family crest is with us, the chances of completing the requests would increase.


Having heard that, Maron-san approached us, considering our situation.


“My family is the Melange family, so I have some flexibility even at this academy.
I was able to receive a reasonable number of requests yesterday, so if you don’t mind, would you like to take a request together? I would be very happy if we could have lunch together as well…”


“Oh, yes, please!”


It was a wishful conversation.


I noticed that there was another girl sitting next to Maron-san, and she waved her hand lazily in our direction.


She was a girl with a similar fluffy impression… or rather, a drowsy girl.


She wore a pointed hat, yellow like a nightcap, and glossy golden long hair peeked out from the gaps.


She kept her eyes drowsy from start to finish, and I recall her getting scolded by the teacher for dozing off during class.


In my own mind, I called her the “sleep-deprived girl,” and she seemed to be Maron-san’s friend.


She was also invited to join us for the requests.


And we would have lunch together!


The students of the Royal Harvest Academy of Magical Arts generally had their lunch at the cafeteria on campus.


The same went for me and Mil, we always ate our meals together, just the two of us, at a corner table in the cafeteria.


I actually wanted to get closer to the classmates and somehow join a group, but it didn’t work out well.
Moreover, Mil didn’t seem enthusiastic about it.


Even when I invited her to approach our classmates together, she would always…


“…Please go ahead, Sachi-san.”


She would say something like that, seeming sulky.


I knew she had a shy personality, but it was becoming quite obvious that she was deliberately avoiding the classmates.


But it felt like a tall wall to approach them alone, so in the end, we would always have lunch together as just the two of us until today.


However, today, I was invited to have lunch with Maron-san, who was popular in the class.


Inside, I felt an intense surge of excitement, and I called out to Mil in the next seat.


“Hey, Mil.
Let’s take the subjugation request together.
If Maron-san and the others help us, we can be introduced to higher-scoring requests, and we can earn enough points by the end-of-term exams.
Plus, we can have lunch together…”




Contrary to my excitement and loquacity…


Mil completely sealed her lips and bowed her head.


There was no response at all.


I thought something might be wrong with her, so I leaned over to look at her face, but…




“…I’ll pass.
I’ll refrain.”


Without making eye contact, Mil stood up and left the classroom.


Maron-san and I could only watch her back in bewilderment, exchanging puzzled glances.



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