to Sachi’s room.
The delicious aroma wafting from the kitchen always tempted her, and she often peeked through the door to gaze enviously at her brother’s meals, consisting of shiny meat and fresh fish.
She could not help but wish for even a small piece of the juicy fruit or a slice of bread.


As a result, Sachi was thin and undernourished, with lackluster silver hair that was supposed to be shiny and lustrous.
She understood why she was being treated so unfairly, though, as she lacked any magical talent.


In this country, for the Gracier family, magic talent equated to a person’s worth.
Without it, Sachi felt she had no value.


However, she was grateful to be allowed to stay in the house and have meals.
She also eagerly awaited the opportunity to help the maids and attend school in exchange for her work.


Therefore, Sachi was content with her current situation and deeply appreciated the peaceful days she spent in the house.


However, as time passed and shortly after Sachi turned five, her life would undergo a drastic change.


It happened when her brother was playing with a friend he had met at a gathering of prestigious families within the estate.
Mize sneaked into father’s room and showed his friend the jewels and antiques on display.
Inadvertently, Mize dropped and broke a valuable vase that had been passed down through generations as a commemorative gift from the country.


Perhaps fearing his father’s anger, Mize told a lie, using his younger and less-favored sister Sachi as a scapegoat.
It was a plausible enough deception that even six boys couldn’t have thought of a better one.
To further enhance their credibility, Mize added a line, “Unlike me, Sachi was angered by being mistreated and deliberately shattered Father’s prized vase.”


Naturally, their father, Kurubis, burst into Sachi’s room in a fit of rage, believing his beloved son’s words without question.
Kurubis not only scolded Sachi for this incident but also berated her for being a useless daughter who had accumulated his anger thus far.


Confused and taken aback, Sachi tilted her head, not understanding the accusation of a crime she had not committed.
As a result, Kurubis’s anger grew even more, and he continued to lash out at Sachie.


“Don’t play dumb! You broke my vase because you were unhappy with being mistreated! Even though I had pity on you and let you stay in this estate despite your incompetence, you are such an infuriating daughter!”


Finally, Kurubis’s long-held anger erupted, and he disowned Sachi, banishing her from the Gracier family.
He ordered the coachman to prepare a carriage and take Sachie somewhere to be abandoned in the forest.


And so, Sachie was expelled from the Gracier family.
No one stood up for her, and even the brother who caused this watched her being taken away as if it were someone else’s problem.
In fact, he seemed deeply relieved that his own wrongdoing had not been exposed.


Eventually, the carriage carrying Sachi arrived at a deep and dark forest, and she was hurriedly dropped off.


“Please forgive me, Sachi-sama!” The coachman, unable to defy his master’s orders, quickly drove the carriage away, leaving Sachi alone.


Left to fend for herself, Sachi desperately tried to understand her situation.
“Where am I?” she asked herself in the deserted, dark forest.
She had been left without any belongings, not even money, fire-starting tools, or a knife.
All she had on her was her dirty clothes and her slender figure, with her silver hair.


Even at five years old, she understood to some degree that she had been kicked out of her home.
Eventually, she would learn why she was left in that specific location and why the coachman had driven away so quickly.


Suddenly, Sachi heard a beast groaning from somewhere, as she stood frozen in place.
Soon, the source of the noise emerged from the shadow of a tree.
It was a gigantic monster in the form of a black wolf, with needle-like black fur, a body larger than that of a human adult, and sharp fangs and claws.


The monstrous black wolf had come seeking prey.
“A demon beast!?” Sachi exclaimed in shock.


Magical beasts.
Fierce beasts that roam around the world.
They are mostly carnivorous and have a particular habit of enjoying the taste of humans, as they, like humans, carry magical essence within them and can use it to exhibit various powers.
By devouring humans, they can grow their own magical essence, which is said to be their ultimate delicacy.


Therefore, they are sensitive to the scent of humans who carry magical essence, and this black wolf was lured by the scent of magical essence emitted by Sachi.


“Help… me…!”


Magical beasts have a tough outer layer called “Magical Clothing,” which makes them resistant to conventional weapons such as swords and explosives, and it is difficult to inflict any damage on them.
The most effective way to strip away this protective layer is to use magic that utilizes magical essence.


Thus, magical practitioners have been responsible for defeating magical beasts since ancient times, and even today, there are many practitioners who make a living as “magical beast hunters.” However, Sachi was born into a family of renowned magical practitioners but lacked the talent for magic and did not even possess a single knife, so she had no chance of winning.


“Someone… help me…!”


Sachi trembled in fear as the black wolf drooled and panted heavily.


She wanted to run away, but fear petrified her, rendering her unable to move at all.
And then Sachi realized that she had not only been kicked out of her house but also completely abandoned.


“Useless people should disappear.
Useless people should die.” That’s what they wanted to say, and Sachi realized it.


The enormous black wolf leaped at Sachi’s small body.


“[The enemy is right there–Crimson Blaze–Unite and shoot through the magical essence!]”


Suddenly, a beautiful woman’s voice echoed from somewhere.


“[Burning spherical flame, Flame Sphere!]”


At the same time, a bright red fireball struck the black wolf’s flank with tremendous force, and its massive body flew off into the forest beyond.


The black wolf was defeated with just one blow, completely motionless.


Distracted by the rapidly changing situation, Sachi was momentarily stunned, and then the person who had blown the black wolf away appeared from the darkness of the forest.


She wore a black robe even darker than the wolf’s fur, and despite her slender yet feminine figure, her expressionless beauty showed through her hood that concealed her eyes.


“Are you okay, young lady?”


Sachi’s encounter with Sage Mulberry can be said to have been her first stroke of luck.


Hey guys, so this is the third novel I have decided to write.
Thanks for reading and if there are any mistakes, let me know.

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