ed battle, you won’t be able to use your instant-death magic that you’re good at.
And I heard that the opponent is the son of the Sifonard family.
They’re skilled not only in hunting magical beasts but also in dealing with mages.”


Since they come from a family of martial magicians, they must have trained to fight against other mages as well.


One of the duties of a National Mage is to apprehend mages who have committed crimes.


With the widespread use of magic, there have been cases of mages using it for criminal purposes, so National Mages go around catching them to maintain public safety.


I’ve heard that the Sifonard family is quite active in that field.


If that’s the case, the red-haired guy must be skilled at fighting against mages.


“If you fight against someone like him, even someone like you, Sachi-san, won’t get away unscathed.
The difference in combat experience is too great.”


“Well… I’ll manage somehow.


“B-But relying on such vague reasons…”


“My mentor used to say, ‘There are no absolutes in battles between mages.’ So I think it’ll probably be fine.”


“However, the opponent is just too formidable.
Maybe we should ask to cancel this simulated battle.
Otherwise, Sachi-san will be in serious trouble…”


Mil started to ramble on.


Certainly, there are some concerns about this simulated battle.


The loser will have to obey whatever the winner says.


But that is not a reason to run away from this challenge.


Even if there are concerns, I must never run away from this battle.


Mil really doesn’t understand anything.


So, with a sigh, I murmured, “Ugh, you’re so annoying.”




“You really don’t understand why I picked a fight with him, do you, Mil?”


“W-Why… Well, that is…”


I tease Mil, who suddenly becomes fidgety and uncomfortable, in a slightly teasing manner.


“If you don’t understand that either, maybe I should stop talking to Mil altogether.
You’ve been giving me the cold shoulder anyway.
It seems like we never really understood each other, did we?”


“Huh, no, it’s not that, it’s just…”


I intentionally say something dismissive, and Mil frantically moves their hands.


And with a flushed face, she hesitantly speak unfamiliar words.


“S-So, because we’re friends…?”


“Yeah, that’s right.
Anyone would get angry seeing their friend cry and their precious things being broken.
And yet, Mil says it’s better to stop and that I’ll suffer.
What about your feelings?”


I finally managed to say the words I wanted to hear.


I am fighting with that red-haired person because my friend, Mil, was made to cry.
And my anger reached its peak.
I should be allowed to vent those feelings.


After conveying that once again, Mil appeared apologetic and dejected.


“If you got angry on my behalf, I don’t want Sachiko to fight anymore.
There’s no need for Sachiko to get hurt because of someone like me.”


She started saying something troublesome again.


I understand Mil’s sense of guilt to some extent, but this fight was completely my decision, so there’s no need for them to make such a face.


“This is for Mil’s sake as well as mine.
Mil doesn’t need to feel any worse.
…And hey, from what I’ve been hearing, it seems like Mil only expects me to lose.
You don’t trust your friend at all.
Oh well, it seems our friendship was only that much.”


“N-No, it’s not like that! It’s not that I don’t trust Sachiko, but rather, I’m worried…”




I didn’t miss that word.


That’s right, just like Mil worries about me, I’m concerned about her too.
She had her pendant broken by that person, and she must have been truly frustrated, right?


“That may be true, but Mil is kind, so she wouldn’t even think of retaliating against that person.
That’s why I thought someone else had to punish that red-haired person, and I took it upon myself to do it.”


Mil is timid and cowardly.


But more than that, she is an incredibly kind girl, so even if she were subjected to something terrible, she wouldn’t seek revenge.
That’s why someone else needed to punish that red-haired person.
And I just happened to take on that role.


As time is running out, I place my hand on Mil’s small head and make a declaration.


“I will make that person bow his head without fail.
I will channel your frustrations, Mil, so rest assured and watch from here.”




I turn towards the training ground where Kaien is waiting and walk towards the battlefield.


During that time, I can feel Mil continuously watching me with worried eyes from behind.


To reassure her, I turn around once again and say,


“And besides…”




“He was taught how to defeat ‘ordinary magicians,’ right? I’m not an ‘ordinary magician.'”


“…Are you saying that about yourself?”


It feels like I haven’t seen that in a long time.


Mil lets out a small chuckle and quietly smiles at me.

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