ed, blue, and green, and their cheeks were adorned with twisted, eerie smiles.


They possess the ability to drain vitality from people with just a touch, so it’s best to defeat them without allowing them to get close.


“In that case, I’ll stay towards the back and watch over you, Mil.”




Mil’s face tensed up, likely due to the pressure of being observed by me.
However, she tightened her expression with determination and stood before the Espumas.


“W-Well then, here I go!”


Mil’s determination was evident.


Although she wasn’t initially enthusiastic about me accompanying her, it seemed she was now full of enthusiasm.
I hope she doesn’t get too carried away and waste her efforts.
For now, I’ll observe Mil’s skills.


She poised her right hand as she faced the scene of the Espumas pouncing.


“Winter’s Arrival—Transparent ice pillars—Guided by heat…”


Smooth incantation.


It was a flawless high-speed recitation without any mistakes.


However, just before she finished the incantation, a floating bubble gently touched Mil’s shoulder, and as expected, it burst.


In an instant, instead of a refreshing smoke, a slight blast and explosion sound struck Mil.




Pushed by the blast, Mil was slightly propelled forward, interrupting her incantation.


The explosion itself didn’t seem to have much power, but there was a considerable blast and sound.


Getting up quickly from falling on the grassland, Mil once again began reciting.


“A-And Winter’s Arrival—Transparent…”


But once again, a bubble floated from behind her.


As soon as it touched Mil’s back, it burst violently with a bang, blowing her delicate body away once again.


And where she flew, another bubble floated, producing the same sound when touched.


Bang, bang, bang…


Before I knew it, Mil was being blown away in various directions by exploding bubbles.


“W-Why is it only around me?!”


“What is she doing…?”


The situation had become far from a magical beast subjugation.


The Espumas themselves seemed perplexed, watching Mil being toyed with by the exploding bubbles.


But seriously, why are there so many exploding bubbles only around her?


Just out of curiosity, I tried touching a nearby bubble, but all that came out was a refreshing smoke, no matter how much I poked it.


Well, that makes sense.
After all, they did say that the bubbles that explode are “rare.”


Perhaps this is a stunt caused by Mil’s unfortunate nature.


If the exploding bubbles are attracted to her only because of her unlucky disposition, it oddly makes a lot of sense.


Mil, who was full of enthusiasm, was now blushing, unable to carry out the magical beast subjugation satisfactorily.


Not missing that opportunity, the Espumas once again jumped at Mil, who was trembling.


I was about to intervene instinctively, but Mil managed to position her right hand and began her incantation, determined to fend them off.


“【Winter’s Arrival—Transparent Ice Pillars—Pierce the Fools Guided by Heat】—【Cold-Blooded Ice Spear Chandel Glace】!”


In an instant, multiple large ice pillars formed around her, their sharp tips aimed towards the approaching Espumas.


Immediately, the ice pillars were rapidly launched to intercept the attacking Espumas.


The fairies, pierced through by the sharp ice spears, met their demise with just one strike, disappearing as if melting into thin air.


What remained were only shining feathers, seemingly grown on their backs.


“…As expected, with a magic power value of 350.”


The Espumas appeared to be swift opponents with small targets to hit.


Defeating them was not an easy task for an average mage.


But utilizing her exceptional magical talent, Mil hunted down most of the Espumas with a single strike.


The destructive power, speed, and accuracy of her ice magic were unparalleled among other mages.


In addition, I noticed a certain fact and unintentionally let out an impressed sigh.


The ice pillars she unleashed had fulfilled their purpose and were now impaled in the ground, yet not a single water bubble flower, blooming beautifully, had been harmed.


“Mil, you’re amazing.”




“I thought again that it’s only natural for you to be selected as a special student.
Although there are many students who don’t think highly of you, you’re undoubtedly the best in our year.”




As I honestly praised her, Mil seemed to have a complex expression and lowered her head.


Eventually, she brushed off the dirt from her uniform and wore a self-deprecating smile.


“I’m still far from being any good.
I can’t do things as cool as you, Sachi-san, and there always seems to be some kind of trouble…”


“Well, that’s probably because your luck value is zero.
But in the end, you’re achieving the requests properly, so I don’t think you should worry…”


It seemed that Mil wasn’t particularly satisfied with the results of this mission.


She aspired to perform more brilliant magical beast subjugations.


Rather than being tossed around and fighting while covered in mud, her goal was to complete the job in a smart and efficient manner.


Well, it’s good to have high ideals, but for now, she should be happy that everything ended safely, I think.


In any case, since we were able to defeat the target number of Espumas, we collected the feathers as proof of subjugation and decided to head back.


Just after collecting the feathers, I suddenly tilted my head as if I remembered something.


“Come to think of it, why couldn’t the previous students who accepted this request defeat the Espumas? Did they also get rolled around by exploding bubbles like Mil?”


“W-Well, I think it’s absolutely just me who ends up like that.
Please don’t remind me of embarrassing things!”


Well, that’s true.


I don’t think there’s anyone else in the world who ends up in such a situation as Mil does.


So why couldn’t they achieve the Espuma subjugation?


They may be troublesome magical beasts, but these were students from the world’s top mage training institution, the Magic Academy.


“Well, I heard that the students who failed the request couldn’t activate their magic, or their destructive power was weaker than usual, something like that.”


“It sounds similar to what we heard before.
I wonder if there’s any connection?”


“I-I’m not sure…”


In our previous Golem subjugation request, the previous students failed due to their magic not functioning properly.


If we consider it as a lousy excuse, then so be it.
But would the other students also come up with such obvious excuses?


“Is there anything strange about this?”


“Other than the misfortune of continuously attracting exploding bubbles miraculously, there’s nothing… My magic worked normally, and the power wasn’t any different.”


“That’s right.
From what I observed, there wasn’t anything strange either.”


Well, there is a possibility that the failed students just happened to be in poor condition.


There’s no point in thinking too deeply about it.


Feeling lazy to contemplate further, I lightly poked a bubble that came before me, enveloped in a refreshing scent, and left the Water Bubble grassland behind.


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