That being said, we haven’t been informed about the specific format of the exams, so we can’t really prepare in advance.


“If there were acquaintances among the second and third-year students who were helping with the request completion, wouldn’t you have become friends with any of them?”


“No, I didn’t become friends or even meet any of them.
I just asked if there were any pending requests at the reception desk and took them.
Besides, even if I had met them, do you think I could have become friends with them?”


“…Sorry about that.”


It seems like I asked something bad.


Reflecting deeply, I placed my fingertips on my temple and let out a sigh.


“Well, if Mil had acquaintances among the second and third-year students, I could have asked them what the first-semester final exams were like.”


“You mean studying past exam questions? I don’t think the exams will be exactly the same, but it might be better than doing nothing…”


Suddenly, Mil cut off her words and, for some reason, swiftly moved behind me, crouching down.
Like a small animal fearing its natural predator, she covered her face with a blue hood and hid behind me, gazing forward.


What’s going on? I looked ahead and saw a familiar person walking towards us.


“Oh, it’s Sachi-san!”


“Oh, Maron-san! We seem to meet often.”


Maron-san, who has had many encounters with us lately, greeted us with a gentle smile.
Then she noticed the figure hiding behind me, the girl in the blue hood, and let out a surprised sound.


And then she greeted Mil with a “Hello,” to which Mil responded with an extremely soft voice, “Th-thank you.”


She still had her shy personality.


Well, Mil’s misfortune trait seems to affect those around her, causing unfortunate things to happen to those who are close to her, so it’s necessary to keep a certain distance.


Thinking that it can’t be helped, I tilted my head as I observed the direction Maron-san came from.


She didn’t come from the front of the corridor but from a side passage.
That caught my attention.


“Did you have some business in the West Wing? The staff room or something?”


“Oh, no, well, today I was visiting the research club.
It has piqued my interest since I entered the academy, and I’m starting to get used to school life, so I thought it was a good time…”


“Oh, the research club.”


Research clubs.


These are activities where students of this academy gather with a common purpose and engage in free discussions and research.
As long as you submit the required documents, anyone can establish a research club.
Currently, there are around twenty or thirty clubs working towards a single objective.


If they can produce revolutionary research results, they can even present their findings at the official organization for magical academic research, commonly known as the “Magic Society,” and receive rewards for their achievements.


Maron-san seems to want to join one of these research clubs.


“Oh, Maron-san, you’re joining a research club.
Which club are you interested in?”


“Um, I’m interested in the ‘Performing Arts Research Club’…”


“The Performing Arts Research Club?”


An unfamiliar name raised a question mark in my mind.


But more than that, I couldn’t help but wonder why Maron-san was blushing.
She looked embarrassed.


I had no idea why, but the answer must lie within this “Performing Arts Research Club.”


“What do they do in the Performing Arts Research Club? I know about the ‘Swordsmanship Research Club’ or the ‘Martial Arts Research Club,’ but I’ve never heard of ‘Performing Arts’…”


“Well, um… Simply put, it’s about performing dance and various arts on stage.”


Dance and arts?


Standing on stage and performing in front of a large audience?


“So, it’s like a Dance Club?”


“To be more precise, it’s the ‘Magician Performing Arts Research Club.’ By incorporating magic into traditional dance and performing arts, they create even more dazzling performances.
It’s still a term that hasn’t spread to all regions.”


“I see, I had no idea.”


Dance and performing arts using magic.


That’s certainly a glamorous spectacle that only magicians can create.


I knew that using magic in Kendo was called Swordsmanship, and using magic in martial arts was called Martial Arts, but I never imagined that magic could be used in dancing and performing arts.


I’d love to see it if I have the chance.


Wait, does that mean…


“So, Maron-san, you mean you’ll be dancing on stage?”


“Yes, um… I had a background in dancing when I was young…”


I understood why Maron-san was embarrassed now.


It must be embarrassing to stand on stage and dance in front of people.


Well, even if she did it when she was young, it takes courage to dance in front of everyone at this age.


Moreover, if she does it in a school research club, her peers of the same age would naturally be watching.


But Maron-san is so beautiful, and her mana value is high.
I’m sure she can perform flashy and splendid dances.


“It would be so beautiful to see you dance, Maron-san… If you practice, you have to show it to me!”


“Well, um… Yes, I’ll do my best.”


Maron-san, who nodded shyly, bowed slightly and left.


As I imagined her dancing in my mind, I called out to Mil behind me.


“You know, she may have been embarrassed, but I think Maron-san is really suited for it.”




“Maybe she’ll perform during the school festival or something? If that’s the case, I really want to see it.”


“…Yeah, I guess.”


Mil, who was still huddled and hiding behind her blue hood, responded slowly.


“You still seem to have trouble getting along with other students, Mil-kun.”


“If I become too attached to someone, I end up causing them misfortune.
Sachi-san seems to have become quite close to Maron-san.”


“Well, you know.
A lot has happened while you were taking on missions alone.”


“…I see.”


Mil seemed a bit grumpy.


I couldn’t quite grasp the reason.


Oh well, I thought and turned to look in the direction Maron-san had walked.


“Research clubs, huh… Hey, Mil, since we have the opportunity, how about going to watch them?”




“Research clubs.
We have some free time now, and it might be interesting to join one if we find something that catches our attention.”




Mil responded with a somewhat gloomy expression.


“…As long as it’s not the Performing Arts Research Club.”


“Huh? Why not the Performing Arts Research Club?”


“…Just because.”


Just because?


Well, I guess it’s true that it would be too much for timid Mil to dance or perform on stage.


With her high mana value and proficiency in ice magic, she could certainly put on a glamorous performance.


Well, if Mil says so, let’s avoid the Performing Arts Research Club and go watch other clubs.


So, off we go to the special building where the research clubs gather.

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