efeated the Death Flower Ivy and got the Embryo Pearl, but…”


I stop in my tracks as Little Red Riding Hood starts crying again, tears streaming down her face.


… Sigh, there’s no helping it.


“I can help you look for it for a little while if you want.”




“I’m good at finding lost things.”


Without hesitation, I stick my head into the nearby bushes, checking if the pouch was there.
After confirming that it’s not, I quickly moved on to the next bush.


Watching me search for the pouch, Little Red Riding Hood looks surprised.


“Ar-Are you sure? You have your own exam to worry about…”


“That’s why it’s only for a little while.
If it takes too long, I’ll stop.
See, let’s find it quickly.”


“Yes, thank you very much.”


Little Red Riding Hood responds with a stiff nod, looking surprised.


Well, it’s no problem if it’s just for a short time.
I’m really good at finding lost things, and if I were to abandon her in this situation, I would be scolded by Mulberry in my heart.


So, Little Red Riding Hood and I started searching for the pouch together.
After a while, we had searched through the bushes and trees around the area.


I take a deep breath, feeling like it’s not around here.


“Let’s move on a bit further.
Over there, maybe?”


“Why? What makes you think that?”


“I just have a feeling that it might be there.”


“Really? Just because of a hunch?”


Little Red Riding Hood looks extremely puzzled at my baseless confidence, but she follows closely behind me, nonetheless.


As we made our way through the forest, I spotted a large tree after pushing through a bush.
And what do you know? There was a blue pouch-like object lying near the base of the tree.


“Oh, my pouch!”


“See, I told you so.”


As expected of a lucky girl like me.


With a smug look on my face, I proudly stood there, while Little Red Riding Hood, who had picked up my pouch, looked at me with a bewildered expression.


“H-how did you know exactly where the pouch was?”


“I didn’t really know.
I just had a feeling it was in this direction.
You know, I have a really accurate intuition.”


“Oh, I see.”


The blue-haired girl looked dazed, as if she didn’t quite understand what was going on.


Perhaps she was unsettled by my explanation, which amounted to just a hunch.


But that’s really all it was – my intuition.


With this intuition, I’ve been able to find lost items and things people were looking for, like the magical tools Mulberry lost, or the medicinal herbs and spices he was searching for.


Maybe it’s thanks to my luck stat of 999? I don’t really know.


“Well, since we found the lost item, I’ll be going now.
Congratulations on passing!”


“Oh, thank you very much!”


With those words of gratitude from Little Red Riding Hood, I quickly left the scene.


After all, I still needed to get my hands on the embryo of the withered flower ivy.


Now that I’ve done a good deed, maybe the gods will show me a little mercy and give me the withered flower ivy embryo soon?


Specifically, please give me the withered flower ivy embryo as soon as possible!


As I pondered this, I searched for the target monster, the withered flower ivy, for about twenty minutes after parting ways with the girl.


But it never appeared in front of me.


“This is odd.
Something’s really off here.”


How could I not find the creature I was looking for, when finding things was supposed to be my strong suit?


Aren’t I the lucky girl with a luck stat of 999 who can easily find other people’s lost items?


“Why is it that I can find other people’s lost items so easily, but can’t find anything I’m looking for?”


Perhaps luck isn’t the only factor here.


Or maybe that girl’s unlucky aura affected me and weakened my luck a bit?


It’s possible.


This is the first time I’ve struggled so much to find something.


Just as touching lucky items can increase one’s luck, maybe getting involved with an unlucky girl has threatened my luck.


Well, let’s stop joking around.


“Maybe it’s actually gathered around the entrance?”


I had assumed that the withered flower ivy would be concentrated in the depths of the forest, so I had been walking towards the back the whole time.


But what if that assumption was wrong?


Little Red Riding Hood had obtained the embryo of the withered flower ivy right after the practical test began, so maybe it’s actually gathered near the entrance.


That’s what I thought, so I decided to turn back.


This was just another hunch without any evidence.


As I was walking back the way I came, I heard a voice again.


“Hey, give me that embryo.”




This time it was a male voice, and it didn’t sound friendly.


Despite what had happened earlier, I walked towards the direction of the voice because it was in the direction I was headed.


I decided to observe the situation and run away if it looked too troublesome.


As I peeked from the bushes, I saw a narrow animal trail that cut through the forest, and four people standing there.


Three well-dressed boys and…


“Huh? Isn’t that the girl from earlier…?”


Little Red Riding Hood, who had helped me find my pouch, was trembling and shaking uncontrollably.

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