Chapter 39: Kashiwagi-san has lost it



The moment Kashiwagi-san realized that I was the one who had changed her life, she turned pale, rolled her eyes, and held her head in her hands.

Because she was wearing a white coat, she looked somewhat like a scientist who had failed in an experiment, and such an appearance was also picture-perfect.

A complete character break from the always cool, collected, and languid Kashiwagi-san…

“Kashiwagi-san! Are you all right!”

“How can I be all right? I put you through a h**l of a lot of hardship! To you, the man to whom I owe so much! I forced you to train to death, over and over again!”

“Well, it was necessary but… there was certainly some training that I thought I was going to die…”

“Even though I was determined to make sure you were absolutely cured, I pretended not to see your suffering.
Even though you were the only one who reached out to me when I was suffering back then!”

“What are you talking about! Kashiwagi-san didn’t look away from me even once during the training! In fact, from my point of view, it looked more painful for Kashiwagi-san to watch me like that!”

“Stop, I’m such an ungrateful b*****d! Of all people, I’m the one who experimented on you!”

“What are you talking about? You’re my lifesaver! And I took the clinical trial because I wanted to!”

“No, I am to blame! I wanted you to take the drug after it was proven to work! I could have improved the drug so that your training would have been much lighter!”

The stars twinkle in the night sky on the roof of the university hospital in the United States—.

Kashiwagi-san and I continued to argue with each other without giving each other an inch.

The fight was a very strange one between Kashiwagi-san, who blamed herself, and me, who defended her.

Since we were getting nowhere, I took a hard line.

“Let’s settle down with each other for now.
Come on, let’s have some ramune cigarettes.”

I shove a bottle of Ramune Cigarettes from the box I had in my pocket into her mouth.

It was supposed to be payback for the same thing she had done to me earlier, but Kashiwagi-san became really quiet.

She stared at me with a deeply moved expression on her face as she sucked on her Ramune.

What can I say about Kashiwagi-san being like this?

“… Hey, you just thought I looked like a baby.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t think so.
I didn’t mean to imply that you’re sucking on a pacifier.”

“You think so, huh.

Kashiwagi-san punched me weakly with a punch to my round, fat belly.

Thank you very much.

I also took a Ramune in my mouth, and settled down.

“The moment you shoved that same Ramune Cigarette in my mouth again, all remorse for what I’ve done to you was gone! I even had the illusion that I had worked so hard all this time for this moment… selfish, but is that still okay?”

“At least, I have no regrets.
The last three months I spent with Kashiwagi-san were not bad.”

“Well, then, you may be in for some regrets from now on.
Let’s finish this! I will take you to the treatment room.
If you endure one night of pain there, your disease will be cured and your body will be restored to its normal state.”

“Ugh, that’s right… The pain so intense, like being burned down by karmic fire, was waiting for me.”

“If you’re scared, I’ll hold your hand.
Let’s go.”

Saying Kashiwagi-san pulled me by hand into the hospital.

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