Chapter 52: Behind the Scenes with Yuri Kashiwagi



This is the story of Kashiwagi-san when she was 14-15 years old.

The second half is linked to Chapter 9 of the main story.
It is somewhat longer.

“Chieri, it’s okay.
You are a strong girl.
After all, you’re my daughter…!”

“Uuu… Mother…!”

In the corner of a hospital room in South Baden.

She should already be debilitated to the limit— Ririko Tohsaka handed a beautiful red jewel necklace to her daughter, Chieri, with her usual strong smile..

That was the last exchange between the mother and daughter.

I, Yuri Kashiwagi, sat next to Chieri, who was crying alone on a bench in the hospital courtyard.

I cannot possibly understand her current state of mind, as I grew up without proper parental love.

Losing your loved one is surely more painful than never being loved at all.

The least I could do was to be there for her.

Maybe she wants to cry alone.

However, I thought that was not the case with her now.

When I was alone in that mountain river and desperate—

I was saved by “him”, because he was there for me that I was saved.



We didn’t say anything to each other.

I couldn’t find the right words to comfort her.

We were just there together, mourning Riko’s death

Eventually the sun went down and it became a little chilly.

I took off my own lab coat and draped it over Chieri’s back.

Chieri, a little surprised, murmured in a small voice, “Thank you…”

It’s probably best to go inside soon.

“… It’s getting cold.
Why don’t you come to my room? I hear Renji needs a little more time.”

I stood up and held out my hand, and Chieri squeezed it with a slight tinge to her cheeks.

” —Come, sit wherever you want.”

I invited Chieri to my room and poured a cup of warm cocoa.

Chieri sat on the bed and accepted a cup from me and sipped.

“… this is a little too sweet.”

“When you eat something sweet, it releases dopamine and serotonin.
It will calm your mind a little.
Or would you like some Ramune candy?”

“I’ll pass, I don’t want to get fat.”

“Well, I think Chieri would be pretty even if she gained a little weight.”

Slightly disappointed, I sat down next to Chieri.

As the warmth of the cocoa spread to her face, Chieri’s complexion gradually regained some color, like she was coming back to life.

“I’m sorry for the late introduction.
I am Dr.
It’s not right for someone to suddenly barge into a room without introducing themselves, right?”

When I jokingly said this, Chieri smiled a little.

“You were the one who helped take care of my mother.
You can’t be a bad person.

Chieri looks at me with her beautiful eyes.

“You also look sad.”

As it was being seen through, I muttered.

“Riko was always so cheerful.
I was often treated like I was her own daughter myself..”

“Yes, mother was always like that.
Kashiwagi-san, if it’s ok with you, can you tell me? How did my mother spend her time in this hospital?”

“Oh, of course… Riko talked a lot about Chieri.
She was most looking forward to spending time on the phone with you who’s in Japan—”

Then, Chieri and the two of us in the hospital room, talked about the moments when Riko was alive.

Chieri usually lives in Japan, and Riko was receiving treatment at this hospital in the U.S.
because she had an incurable disease that was difficult to treat in Japan.

And Renji became a doctor in order to cure such an incurable disease of Riko —that is why he became a doctor.

I think Renji supported me because his motivation to treat the illness of a loved one overlapped with my own.

After hearing Riko’s story at the hospital, Chieri burst out laughing.

“Ha-ha-ha! Mother sure was awesome over here!”

“She often scolds young people acting wild in the hospital in Japanese.
She was truly a tough one.”

“… Kashiwagi-san.
Thank you so much for staying with my mother until the end.”

“It’s me who should be thankful.
Riko taught me many things.”

After we finished our conversation, Chieri asked me something in a fidgety manner.

“Um… Kashiwagi-san, if it’s okay with you, can I call you ‘Onee-sama’?”

Chieri’s suggestion surprised me.

I am not Chieri’s sister, and…

But since she just lost her mother.

I guess it wouldn’t be that bad to become a sister figure for her for now..

“I don’t mind, but… I’m the same age as Chieri, and it’s a strange feeling to be called an older sister.”

When I laughed, Chieri’s suddenly froze.

“… Huh, we’re the same age? How? Well, you only look awfully young… But, for you to be a doctor…?”

“I’m 14 years old, just like Chieri.
And I’ve already graduated from college.”

“Ehh? What month were you born in? At least, you are older than me, right?”

“I was born in March.”

“… I-I’m a little older than you… Oh no, you’ve done so many big sisterly things for me already.”

I patted Chieri’s head, who was in some kind of shock.

“It’s bad Japanese culture to be obsessed with age.
It doesn’t matter if I am younger, it’s okay for me to act like a big sister.
I also like to have cute little sisters like Chieri.”


Chieri was so moved that she hugged me.

I was happy, but we both were on her bed, so it’s likely going to cause a misunderstanding.

That being said, I still wanted to pamper Chieri a lot at least now.

Later, after completing various procedures, Renji came and Chieri left.

By the time the funeral was over, Chieri’s mind seemed to have been put in order— and she was ready to go.

She waved to me until she was out of sight when she and Renji returned to Japan.

The small red jewel necklace around her neck looked good on Chieri.


About six months have passed since then.

Chieri also became a high school student and kept in frequent contact with me.

I felt sorry that I could only send RINE messages instead of calling her because of my busy schedule…

Unlike Riko, Chieri was a timid child.
She must have been spoiled by Riko, and she was also fond of me.

When she entered high school, she had a hard time making friends because she didn’t know anyone.

Then one day, I received this message.

“To Onee-sama.
Somehow, I feel like I am starting to fit in with my class.
Even though I am always trying to keep a smile and nod along in their conversation.
Though understanding is a bit difficult for me.”

I was relieved that there seems to be hope for Chieri’s school life.

And that she won’t have to go through a school life like mine where I was all work and no friends.

The conversation of high school girls would be about good-looking guys, boyfriends, and so on, anyway.

It’s certainly a topic that Chieri doesn’t seem to be interested in, just like I am.

I imagined her keeping a pasted smile.

Just as I was skeptical, I received another message.

“But there is one thing that makes me very sad.
One boy in my class is being bullied.”

Well, it’s everywhere.

Bullying will not cease as long as there are people.

I typed a reply.

“Do you know why that boy is bullied? Can’t you do something to eliminate the cause?”

Chieri immediately responded to my question.

“He’s very fat.
It really just creates an atmosphere in the class that it’s okay to bully him for that.”

This is also a common story.

Over here, people are often bullied just because they have red hair, unusual eye color, or freckles on their face.

Chieri sent more thoughts of her own.

“They only see the physical differences and don’t want to see the good in him.
I find that very sad.”

Receiving Chieri’s thoughts, I replied.

“He probably didn’t want to become overweight.
It just happened to him.
It can happen to anyone.
Maybe there’s a deeper reason for it, who knows.”

“That’s right! And also, it seems like he is being beaten up everyday… even his school uniform has marks of being stepped on.
Bullying the weak is unforgivable!”

Chieri was indignant, but seemed to be able to do anything about it

No wonder, Chieri’s shy after all.

Besides, she is a girl, and it would not be hard to imagine that this time she would be the one to be targeted if she did help.

“The worst effect of bullying is that it makes the victim lose self-confidence.
It’s best to encourage him as soon as possible.
If not, he will continue to be servile forever.”

After some deliberation, I offered Chieri two ideas.

“Chieri, the best solution is to consult with Renji.
He will definitely take action and lead to a solution right away.
It’s a big problem, rely on an adult.”

And another idea.

I made a risky suggestion in order for the timid Chieri to take a step forward.

“But if it were Chieri’s mother— Riko— what do you think she would do?”

When I sent that, Chieri called me.

On the other end of the phone, Chieri said in a slightly trembling voice, but strongly.

“I, I’ll start by telling everyone! That you should not do this anymore!”

I knew that Chieri was really a strong girl.
All she needs is a push.

Thinking this would be a good opportunity for her to grow.

I encouraged Chieri even further.

“Chieri, great job.
That’s admirable.
It’s okay if you fail, I’m proud of you for trying to act on your own.
But don’t be reckless.
Renji is a busy guy, but you are his first priority above all else.
If they do anything to you, feel free to rely on him right away.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine! I am my mother’s daughter!”

“Right, good luck! I’ll call you again tomorrow at this time.”

Praying for Chieri’s success, I placed my smartphone on the desk.


Sorry for the delay in posting this.

It was a behind-the-scenes story.

Hope you like it!

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